Tuesday, November 24

Maelstroms Christmas Sale!

Hey guys - if you are wanting to pick up some extra models for christmas, Maelstrom are having a 16% off sale, so long as you use the super secret voucher code ... "CHRIMBO".

Im thinking about completing my Khador collection. Currently, the only things im missing are:

Doomreavers (£17.95)
Decimator Heavy Warjack (£21.55)

Coming soon though, is the release of Kommander Strahkov, the Winterguard Riflemen, and the Widowmaker Marksman. These two items are also pretty cheap for what they are, £17.95 for the Doomies and £21.55 for the Plastic Warjack kit. The Warjack kit would also come with spare Bombards, Heads, Axes etc.

Im not going to go for ridiculous amounts of double ups, because, lets face it, I already have ridiculous amounts of double ups. I should have enough to make most tier lists, and until the tier lists come out its a bit pointless to buy up "potential" tier lists.

Mercs on the other hand - are a different story. Theres the new ones released which are pretty awesome, Blythe and Bull, and Harlan Versh, who both work for Khador. Id really like Versh, although B+B are a bit lackluster so far...


Harlan Versh (£6.25)
Blythe And Bull (£11.65)
Saxon Orrik (who is great in MK2 Hordes!) (£5.35)
Reinholdt (£3.55 )
Stannis Brocker (because cavalry models are awesome!) (£10.75)
Orin Midwinter (£5.85)

Realistically, I think Ill go for the following models, to extend the tactical toolbox of my Khador army - which is almost overflowing anyway!

Versh, Orrik, Reinholdt and Orin

All in all, this ended up costing me £19.62 for 4 very nice and handy solos. A great little xmas present for myself :D

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