Monday, December 28

35pt Themes: Butcher1/Butcher2

The Butcher is a force of nature. Practically unstoppable, and incredibly lethal to anyone within 10" of him. He can generally single-handedly take down any target in the game, bar terrible rolls. With high ARM, high P+S and weaponmaster he is basically a Jack in himself. Not quite like Karchev, but pretty close.

Epic Butcher loses what little control he had as normal Butcher, and now becomes a maelstrom of destruction. He buffs his Warjacks nicely though, giving free charges, and bonus MAT and SPD. This is pretty much his strength though, with little else in the way of unit or Warjack buffs except for Ravager. Which would be pretty good with Beast 09 (Berzerk + Beasts Imprint with Reach... oh yeah. Goodbye multi-wound infantry.)

Things to think about with Butcher:

1) Awesome feat. Makes some ordinarily not so good stuff really quite excellent. Assault Kommandos have 3 attacks each, and a unit of 10 of them all rolling Weaponmaster damage with that is pretty impressive. However, its always good to make decent things better - Doom Reavers on the charge are rolling 5d6!!

2) Mostly benefits Warjacks, with Full Throttle (his signature spell it seems). Fury would be good on a unit, or himself. Same with Iron Flesh.

3) Medium based makes him somewhat vulnerable. Could be a good idea to hide him behind something...

Things to think about with Epic Butcher:

1) Dont stand your units close to him! Or your Jacks. In fact, stay the hell away from him. As few models as possible close to him is a good idea, unless they are enemy models.

2) Conferred Rage is good for models that dont charge for free already. Juggernauts look like a great candidate!!

3) Spells are lackluster. Fury on himself gets the job done that much sweeter. However, he does need to make rage tokens for his feat. So maybe some Widowmakers would make that easier...

Butcher1 35pt Army:

The Butcher of Khardov
Doom Reavers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Kayazy Assassins (Leader and 5 Grunts)
>Kayazy Assassin Underboss
Ogrun Bokur

The plan here is to have the Butcher Full Throttle the three Jacks to get them absolutely pummeling faces, which is a lot of high POW attacks landing. Full Throttle + Beasts Imprint is potentially 4d6 to hit on a Thresher and 2 more POW19's after that. That equals 1 dead caster/lock. The Doomreavers are there for the feat turn charge, rolling crazy amounts of dice to kill things dead. Hopefully they survive the advance. The Assassins, while im not a big fan of them, are good targets for both Fury and Iron Flesh. Also they have Stealth, so could be a good distraction for the opponent to worry about. The Bokur simply Shield Guards Butcher so he doesnt get owned by Eiryss etc.

Butcher2 35pt Army:

Kommander Orsus Zaktavir
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Widowmakers (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Yuri the Axe

What ive done here is get Orsus his basic strike force - the three Jacks, and then grab a bunch of elite solos/units in order to try and capitalise on the feat as much as possible. Fury is probably a good candidate for either Beast 09 or the Great Bears, Ravager on either Orsus or Yuri the Axe, and then just run and try and kill as much stuff as possible!! And hope it works!

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