Saturday, December 26

Ideas for Themed Armies - without knowing any of the proper themes!

Ive been thinking about all the different casters. Each one has strengths and weaknesses (especially Old Witch and Zerkova!) but with the right army composition can be awesome!! Ill take the time to put together a 35 pt list with each caster to see if i can figure out how to make the best use from them, and then from there play them in MK2 vs Hordes and Warmachine armies and see how well they do!

Caster list to be done:

Sorcha1/Sorcha2 - Done
Vlad1/Vlad2 - Done
Irusk1/Irusk2 - Done
Butcher1/Butcher2 - Done
Old Witch - Done
Karchev the Terrible - Done
Zerkova - Done

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