Sunday, February 12

2 Games to report

Played two games just recently, one was my league game vs Luke and his Khador army led by eIrusk, and the second was a practice game vs Mike and his Merc army led by Durgen Madhammer.

Against Luke, it was all over very quickly, before the game really got going. I won by scenario when I popped eDenny's feat, giving me automatic scenario points and winning the game just based on that. He couldnt hurt most of my models, as they were all Incorporeal and he lacked magical weapons. It was good because it was quick though, less than an hour from setting up to end of the game.

Versus Mike, I played an Epic Vlad list with Drago, max Shocktroopers, max Demo Corp, and solos to flavour. Manhunters x 2 were my main feat targets, followed by any remaining Men 'O' War. What ended up happening was that I attempted to be cocky with eVlad, and moved him forward into range of at least a couple of his models, while camping enough focus to make him ARM20. I expected him to try a couple of shots, and buff Vlad up with Might of Kings and Blood Tokens.

What ended up happening, was Durgen popped feat and his entire army opened up on eVlad. (Of course, with some amazing synergy between Dougal, Sylys, Reinholdt and the feat there was a LOT of bombardment going on.) Unfortunately for Mike, he missed a couple of crucial steps and eVlad was brought down to 8 or 9 life remaining. He activated eEiryss too late, and she missed her Disruption shot anyway - otherwise I probably would have died from the extra damage.

eVlad's next turn, I had 10 focus with Transference up. A feated Manhunter with Transference ripped Durgen a new one, although I was quite suprised at ARM17 on the stumpy little fellow! I had just assumed he would be on ARM15 or so, and even feated I was rolling at -4. I only just made it, killing him right to his last box, and winning the game. I later realised I had forgotten Manhunters are Weaponmaster, so that would have made a big difference.

Anyway, was fun to pull eVlad out again, he got a good run and managed to survive something like 5 or 6 boosted shots at +2 to hit and +2" RNG from all his buffs. Durgen made himself vulnerable to a counter charge, and the Manhunter was in perfect position to seal the deal.

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