Monday, February 20

Tactica: Reeve Hunter

Looking over the stats and abilities of a newly acquired Reeve Hunter, I realised I had to think through his activation carefully to determine just how good he was. A bit of practice always helps, and since I went through the effort to do it I thought I would share it with the world in general.

This article is merely showing the "perfect storm" - 6 attacks and 6 kills with a Reeve Hunter + War Wolf.

Its Reeve Hunter + Warwolf vs 5 Winterguard grunts + Dismounted Drakhun.

Here we start - The Reeve Hunter is looking at a lot of troops, with a Warwolf who ran 14" previously to get to that position.

The Reeve charges the first Winterguard, at MAT8 and P+S11 boosted. He uses Quick Work at RAT7 and POW10 to kill the second Winterguard. (Black tokens mean dead)

Reeve Hunter uses Swift Hunter to move 2", then fires his Snap Fire shot - killing a third Winterguard.

The Reeve Hunter uses Swift Hunter to move 2" into melee range, and kills the Winterguard trooper with MAT6 and P+S9 - this is the hardest roll to make. He then uses Quick Work to shoot the last Winterguard.

The Reeve Hunter moves 2", and shoots the Dismounted Drakhun. He hits, but fails to damage the high Armour trooper. The Warwolf triggers Sic'em, and Charges out of activation - hitting at MAT6 boosted and P+S11 boosted - killing the Man of War.

So we can see that the Reeve Hunter is amazing versus light infantry, and with his last hit can put a charge from a Warwolf on an enemy that was 24.5" away from where the Warwolf started. That same enemy only needs to be within 25.5" from the Reeve Hunter as well, to get that triggering shot off.

At MAT6, without powerful charge, that second melee attack is really crucial, and should be a very easy target to ensure the other two shots. Also, Tough models would really screw this attack sequence up.

In conclusion, for 2 points, this is a very powerful model that can potentially take out a whole unit by himself. He hits pretty hard, and has some useful abilities and interactions with Warwolves. One bad roll will flub the whole plan though, so a redundancy is required it seems!

Luckily, they are FA:2, so now I will need to think about getting a second one!

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