Monday, February 6

3rd Game - Cryx vs Menoth

My next, next game Im playing is versus Menoth, a tricksy feora army. With such low ARM troops, Im really worried about everyone bursting into flames. There are very few models in my army that wont die to one fire roll, so this is some serious business.

Feora, Priestess of the flame
Choir of Menoth
Daughters of the flame (2)
Temple Flamegaurd (2)
Temple Flameguard Officer and Standard
Vassal Mechanik

First things first, who has magic attacks? This is an important question for me, since the majority of my army is incorporeal.

Obviously, Feora has Truth and Consequence - two pretty dangerous melee weapons. However, if she is close enough to kill my models in melee, Nightmare should be about to snap her up and spit her out.

Feora's feat is a tricky one, but I believe that incorporeal models are *effectively* immune to it. To quote prime:

"The model suffers damage and effects only from magical weapons, magic attacks, animi, spells, and feats and is immune to continuous effects. "

So, the incorporeal model would be affected by her feat, but be immune to the continuous effect: Fire part of it. Excellent!

Apart from that, the only spell to watch out for is Immolation - low cost long range magic attacks will rip Incorporeal models to bits, but luckily this is limited by Feora's low focus.

None of his Warjacks have magic weapons, OR arc-nodes, which means Im safe from them.

Flameguard and Daughters have no magic attacks, or ways to give them magic attacks - and the same goes for the Vassal Mechanik.

So, looks like, apart from Feora coming in and dealing to my ghosts herself, as long as I dont make attacks I am practically immune to her whole army - allowing me to run forwards indiscriminately!

This is going to be a fun game :D

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