Saturday, May 19

Wow... one Weekend, 7 Games. FT2012

Forbidden Temple 2012 went down this weekend, with a grand total of 26 of the top Warmachine players in New Zealand turning up to lay some smack down.

We played 7 rounds, and I left with a score of 4 wins, 3 losses. Im not entirely sure where I ended up in the rankings, but until I can confirm I think I came 9th/26. Possibly the best score out of the Hawkes Bay guys, but Adam won the same number of games so I cant be sure where he and I ended up.

Anyway, I brought my camera and took tons of photos of the various battles, which I will put up in the special "Forbidden Temple 2012" page that will be opened up shortly for battle reports and pictures.

Sneak Peak:

Christers eDenny army, full to the brim of Bane Thralls, pops feat and catches most of Gaspys Bane Thralls in it. With his Seether about to charge and throw my Seether into the deep water, things are looking grim.

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