Wednesday, May 23

League Game - Toshi vs Kevin

A quick league game tonight versus Kevin, with his Cryx Mortenebra army. More details regarding this army can be seen here.

As I said before, my priority here was taking out the damned Warwitch Siren (having one myself in this army, I was well aware of how good they are) and locking his army in place with the feat to ensure domination of the scenario.

 The Deployment - I was going second, so matched up my Machine Wraith's vs his Jacks, and the rest of my troops vs his troops.

Second turn - a lot of Bane Knights coming from the right flank, and a sneaky Stalker on the left flank. I was fairly confident I was out of range of any repercussions here, and had a good chance of catching him out when he moved forwards next turn.

 A swarm of Bane Knights contested my zone, while the Reaper failed to drag Nightmare (due to Stealth). The Black Ogryn advanced, but had no-one in range that they could hit with their non-magical Harpoons.

eDeneghras feat turn - Bad news for Kevin, his whole army with the exception of Deryliss (the Skarlock) is locked in place. Denny and the combined forces of Bane Lord Tartarus and Nightmare easily wiped out the Bane Knights, the fake Tartarus and the evil Warwitch. A charge from the Ghost Raiders left the Black Ogryn severely injured, and generated 2 new Ghosts. 1 CP for me.

My feat basically locked me into the zone, and locked Kevin out of it. He had almost no chance of killing either eDenny (Incorporeal) or clearing the zone - as I had 6 Ghost Raiders and two Machine Wraiths at that point contesting. After a couple of missed attacks, his turn was effectively over and I won on Control Points.

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