Sunday, September 28

2 Games vs Protectorate of Menoth

Last week at the club, played John twice, at 500 and 350. 500 points, i was fielding my Juggernaut, Destroyer, 4 Widowmakers, 2 Manhunters and Yuri The Axe, and Karchev! Played against about 5 Light Warjacks, and 1 Heavy Warjacks plus Kreoss.

500 point battle went well for me, killed most of his army and forced Kreoss to give up at the loss of only one Manhunter.

350 point battle was much closer, Karchev took about 75% damage before a combination of Sniper attacks from the Widowmakers and a brave Manhunter finished Kreoss off. Funniest thing was performing a Throw power attack to a heavy warjack to try and land it on Kreoss, to instead have it deviate and squash Yuri the Axe into pulp!

Good games though, got some more to do next week!! =D

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