Wednesday, January 21

Round 4 And 5 Completed!

Well we had 2 more Campaign rounds last night, this time held at my house. 4 of us turned up, Raymond and his Everblight, John and his Menoth, Richard and his Circle and myself with Khador.

Initial territories held were:

Raymond: 7
Henk: 9
John: 4
Stephen: 5 + Mass Production
Toshi: 5
Richard: 5

New this week was the use of our Special Events, this was rolled for by John who then got to choose it or +1/-1 to the roll. This week we had "Spiritual Training", +1 focus/fury per warcaster, and "Heavy Rain", -50 points to total army limit.

Round 4: Spiritual Training, +1 Focus/Fury

The first two games that were played were Raymonds Everblight versus Johns Menoth, John was at a -25 point disadvantage here, but the game was close fought and ended in a slight victory for Raymond when time was up. John had scored 4 Victory Points, and Raymond had scored 5. Although I didnt see much of the battle, it looked like it could have gone either way at many points during the fight.

The other game during this round was Richards Circle versus my Khador. I was using Irusk this week as my Warcaster, with an army that included the Man of War Drakhun, Beast 09, a Winterguard Mortar and the Great Bears of Gallowswood with their personal surgeon, Doc Killingsworth.

The game went well, we both scored 3 VP's leading to a draw at the end of the game. I had lost Doc Killingsworth (I wasnt overly concerned here) and the Great Bears of Gallowswood. (severly overestimated their defensive capability, and they got smacked in the head by Baldur with Arcane Killer on him.)

Richard brought an interesting army against me, Baldur, and Argus, a Woldwyrd and a Woldwatcher for his Warbeasts, with the Wolves of Orboros, Lord of the Feast and a unit of Shifting and Sentry stones. Tricksy as ever, I spent most of the game attempting to get into a good position to kill them. Beast 09 was invaluable here, with Superiority he is simply one of the best Jacks in the game, and he personally killed the majority of the Wolves and the Lord of the Feast. The Drakhun finished the Wolves off, and gave me my 3 VP's.

Baldur was a bloody pain in the ass to catch, and just before time was up i was luckily able to smack him in the face with Beast 09, catching him with his Ice Breaker. Critically frozen, unable to manipulate fury, I was sure I had it in the bag. Would have been interesting to see how it went from there, but we had to call it.

Raymond vs John, Raymond wins 5 VP to 4 VP.
Toshi vs Richard, draw 3 VP to 3 VP.
Stephen and Henk not present.


As Richards Baldur finished the game and still had Warbeasts left, he bonded to his Argus, giving it Heightened Awareness. (Pretty useless really for an Argus!)

Round 5: Heavy Rain, -50 points to all battles.

The next round began with Raymond challenging Richard, and John and me having a game. -50 points to our lists led to much shorter games, and this was pretty good as it was getting relatively late. Although I didnt see much of their game, Richards heavy construct army was able to manipulate Raymonds Everblight into a situation for an assassination run from Baldur. Baldur succeded, and Lylyth went down!

My game versus John, I just dropped the Drakhun and kept the rest of the army the same. It was a short but sweet game, Beast 09 critically freezing and proceeding to pound Kreoss into the ground. My army was mostly immune to Knockdown, which helped against Kreoss's feat.

Raymond vs Richard, Richard wins by Assassination.
Toshi vs John, Toshi wins by Assassination.
Stephen and Henk not present.


Richards Baldur bonds to his Argus again, getting King of the Beasts, and to his Woldwyrd, with Symbiotic Link.

Special --

Campaign Masters Decision: Johns Menoth army has in influction of Idrian settlements intent on joining the cause to repel the heretics of the north. +2 Territories.


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