Wednesday, January 28

Round 6 of our Warmachine Campaign

Round 6 of the Campaign:

John rolled us a fantastic special event this round, giving all armies +100 points to their limits. This did cause a bit of frantic redoing of army lists, and it messed with my plans a little bit, as I had brought 2 seperate armies that did not stick together very well. In the end, I just dropped a Manhunter out of my Vlad list and added in the Kodiak. Raymond and Stephen had a hard time due to their low model count, but proxied a few things and were fine.

GOOD WEATHER - +100 points

Raymond started off first, challenging John. John could have gotten someone else to take Raymond down in a 2v1, but opted not to. John also had the disadvantage of being at less than 5 Territories and being 25 points under. Richard and I rolled off for the next challenge, with me getting it and challenging Stephen and his Skorne. He was 25 points ahead of me due to his "Mass Production" buff that had carried over from a previous turn. Richard didnt get a game this round, and Henk sat out as he didnt turn up.


Raymond - 7 (vs John, John Wins) - 6
Toshi - 6 (vs Stephen, Toshi Wins) - 7
Stephen - 5 (vs Toshi, Toshi Wins) - 4
John - 4 (vs Raymond, John Wins) - 5
Henk - 9 (Skips) - 9
Richard - 6 (+1 Territory) - 7

The game between Raymond and John was a close fought battle, from what I could hear on the other side of the table during my game there was close dice rolls on both sides. They ran out of time, and at the 90 minute mark they tallied up their VP's. John managed to get 11, and Raymond only had 8. Raymond also lost his bonded Carnivean, a heavy blow to the fledgling Legion army.

My game versus Skorne was interesting, my army was unoptimized at being an extra 100 points and I took along a Kodiak, something that has historically done very badly for me. True to form, it sucked in this battle as well! Missing both its attacks in its first turn in combat, it still managed to boil to death a couple of Praetorians with its Vent Steam attack. My army included the Man Of War Drakhun and Drago as the other two heavy hitters, Drago performing exceptionally under the influence of Vlad and Signs and Portents.

Unfortunately for Stephen, he thought his beasts were safe from Drago's rampage, as he had both his Cyclops' and his Titan standing next to each other. In one turn, Drago killed the Titan, one Cyclops and severely damaged the second. I had killed almost all his Warbeasts in one models activation! However, at the end of this rampage Makeda took it upon herself to stab the raging Berzerker in the back multiple times and put an end to his destruction. Makeda was now in a vulnerable position - and the game was won with a charge over rough terrain of the flaming wreck that had been Drago by the Great Bears of Gallowswood under the effects of Signs and Portents. By the time the second Bear attacked for the first time, Makeda was totally and utterly obliterated.

The Drakhun also did very well, holding up an entire flank by himself and focusing three units on him he still survived, albeit on 1 hp left in his dismounted form :) The Ancestral Guardian, fuelled by the Drakhun and Drago's rampaging, smacked the Drakhun around - who was too scared of the retaliation strike to attack the Guardian itself.

Vlad was in a support role this game due to the incredible annoyance of Orin Midwinter. He wasnt worth focusing on to kill him, but he did force Vlad to back away a couple of times so I could still cast S+P.

Most valuable models - Drago and Great Bears. For their incredible destructive force, especially so with Signs and Portents.

John wins 11vp to 8vp
Toshi wins Caster kill with the Great Bears of Gallowswood.

Raymond's Lylyth, who survived with 2 Shredder's left, bonds one of his Shredders.

End summary:

Raymond - 6
Toshi - 7
Stephen - 4
John - 5
Henk - 9
Richard - 7

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