Wednesday, January 14

Campaign Results from the 14th:

Well, we did it much quicker than I had thought we were going to - managed to get 3 rounds into the night!

Perhaps my original plan of 6 rounds before we reset the campaign will have to be reconsidered...

Pregame preperation went well, everyone (except me, grrr) recieving 5 or more territories and giving them the +25 point bonus. I didnt get a game in the first round, which I didnt mind as I was able to timekeep and monitor how the games went easier. I spent my action to gain another Territory, making it to 5.

Pregame Territories:

Raymond: 6
Henk: 6
John: 6
Stephen: 5
Toshi: 4

Round 1:

Two games were had here, Raymonds Lylyth Everblight versus Henks Rhyas Everblight and Stephens Morghoul Skorne versus Johns Kreoss Menoth.

I was the leftover, and chose the option to gain +1 Territory.

Results: Henks Everblight won, and Stephens Skorne won. +1 Territory to both.

The Everblight game was an interesting one to watch - Henk was bringing in his Angelius, an evil beastie if there ever was one, and Raymond is still relatively new to the game. A good battle, that went to assassination run as the Angelius boosted past the majority of Raymonds army to stab Lylyth in the head with its extremely strong attacks. Raymonds forgot to have enough things to transfer to, and ended up eating the attacks, killing Lylyth.

Skorne vs Menoth was a good one, we used the 10minute turn limits here for the first time, and it hampered John a little, with some mistakes being made such as not activating units. I saw the end of it, and it came down to the wire - Kreoss and Morghoul in close combat. Attrition wise, Skorne had the advantage here, Menoth units being almost completely wiped out and no Warjacks left. Morghoul failed a whole series of attacks, and Kreoss's counterattack almost killed Morghoul. (if he hadnt missed 3 of his attacks)

Round 2:

Raymond: 5
Henk: 7
John: 5 + Mass Production
Stephen: 6
Toshi: 5

Henk challenged Stephen to begin with - and I ended up playing against Raymond and his Everblight. God, that ended badly.

John was the leftover, and chose to Mass Produce for +25 points in his next battle.

Henk won his game, and Raymond beat me to win his game. +1 Territories for those two.

Henk had a relatively close game against Stephen, from what I heard Henk was able to sniper off a portion of Stephen's army, then ended Morghoul's life with Rhyas charging and slashing him to bits. I wasnt watching too much, as I was busy with my own games!

Raymond killed me in record time, 18mins into the game. Basically -> I had windrushed Sorcha up and Fog of Warred, hitting 22 Defence to range + magic. Practically untouchable, or so I thought. Enter Carnivean, just in range of his spray attack and shoots at her. Needs a 17 to hit or something. Rolls 2D6, and gets double 6's! I sigh audibly, and let him roll for damage. He then rolls 16, at -1 for armour!!! Sorcha is on 2 hp left. Shocked, Raymond does his next move, and Eruption of Spines Beast 09, catching Sorcha in the blast, boosting for damage and doing enough to kill her.

So yeah, I got owned =D

Round 3:

Raymond: 6
Henk: 8
John: 5
Stephen: 5
Toshi: 4

Only one game was played this round, between me and John. The rest of the guys either gained +1 Territory or Mass Produced.

Admittedly, I played this one a bit cheaply as I was annoyed at the previous game. Using Sorcha's evil feat and her Critical Freeze on her weapon, I was able to keep Kreoss frozen 3 turns in a row, halting all his Warjacks and not letting him get any spells or hits off. Although I lost Aiyanna and Holt and Yuri the Axe in this battle, and killed very few of his units, I was able to finally get some decent rolls past his ARM22 and do some decent damage, killing him. The Drakhun was good, and a couple of mistakes with his rules (which may or may not have changed the battle) made him a very valuable model.

After this, we called it a night.

Final Results:

Raymond: 7
Henk: 9
John: 4
Stephen: 5 + Mass Production
Toshi: 5

This is the territory map at the end of the game:


  1. Hey Toshi

    Just a couple of notes, sprays ignore concealment, so the Carnivean under Rapport only needed a 16 to hit Sorcha. RAT6 vs DEF20.

    Also,Kreoss can still allocate focus to his jacks and upkeep spells when frozen.

    Sounds like great fun.

    Are you guys planning on all coming up for Masters/the second day of battlecry?

  2. Hey James!

    Ahh, yeah we did ignore concealment with the Carny, musta added it up wrong in my head. Wasnt Rapported however, as it was Lylyth vs Sorcha. (Maybe 17 is right then?)

    He can? I was under the impression that Kreoss wasnt able to do anything in the control phase either. Well that would change things up a little bit! Ill have to tell John for next time!

    I am, half of us cant make it, *cough* slackers *cough*, but it may end up just being myself.