Thursday, September 4

Khador Warcasters!

This is the third part in my series of Warmachine Warcasters:

Khador is the northern alpine land of the Iron Kingdoms, dominated by mountains, snow and hinterland. The Khadoran people are hardy, used to the frigid conditions and warmed with a powerful rage aimed at enemies of the Motherland. Khadoran Warjacks are slow, tough, and very strong.

Koldun Kommander Zerkova:

  • Newest Warcaster to Khador, not much is known about her but suspicions are she is similar to the Old Witch.

Vladimir, The Dark Prince:

  • Good at helping Warjacks get faster, one of the best buffing spells in the game as well.
  • Extremely strong in combat due to his spell Blood Of Kings.
  • Excellent synergy with other warcasters.

Kommander Sorscha:

  • Very difficult to hit, using spells can get her avoidance up to an extreme amount.
  • One of the most powerful feats in the game, freezing all enemy units in LOS.
  • Can be difficult to get the hang of.

Old Witch of Khador And Scrapjack:

  • Steals souls, and has sneaky tricks like teleportation.
  • Has an excellent combo to kill enemy troopers.
  • Fairly fragile, easy to kill.

Karchev the Terrible:

  • Basically a Warjack as well as a Warcaster, high toughness, high damage boxes.
  • Makes Warjacks under his control much better.
  • Has a trick to make his warjacks really fast.

Kommandant Irusk:

  • A Commander of Men, works well with infantry and troops.
  • Doesnt take Warjacks, however Kodiaks are a good idea with him.
  • Excellent Secondary Commander.

The Butcher Of Khardov:

  • The benchmark for melee hitting power, can mutilate practically every model in the game with his axe, "Lola".
  • Given that, he is a subtle warcaster and not the easiest one to master.

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