Monday, June 1

Argh, Cryx!

So I have started a new project, one which involves buying more models, but luckily with the incredible 50-75% off sale that Heroes and some guy in Chch are having, Ive picked up a lot for very cheap.

Currently I have:

2 x Stalkers (3)
1 x Box of Bane Thralls (5)
1 x Harrower (10)
1 x Skarlock (2)
1 x Pistol Wraith (3)
1 x Alt. Deneghra (+5)

So this should be a good start. Im looking into some more stuff, but may have to wait for more $$ before I get any. I also should have a good few Mercs that I can bring along, like;

1 x Box of Nyss Hunters + 1 Blister (8)
1 x Gorman Di Wulfe (2)
1 x Gudrun the Wanderer (3ish)
1 x Ogrun Bokur (3)

Assuming I use Denny as my caster, this already gives me up to a 37 pt army! Which fits nicely into the 35pt slot, taking out 2 points here and there. (Probably either goodbye Gorman, or goodbye 2 Nyss Hunters.)

All this for around $150 :)


  1. Your a glutton for punishment arent you mate - look foward to seeing them all painted up, Cryx are damn nice

  2. Yeah, almost have a Skarlock finished, just waiting on my custom bases from IronHalo to arrive!!

    Still trying to sell some of my WH to fund this project, but I need to put them all up individually, which is very draining time-wise.

  3. Blogs looking very snazzy, how do you change the fonts and stuff? I think ours are a bit big and cumbersome.

    That sale still on?

    Looking forward to some Cryx pictures.

    We're putting an event on in September that will be team based 1000pt SR4 Mk1 tournament.


  4. Hey James, im not sure exactly, i think its just one of the basic templates (bubbles or somesuch). Ill check it for you later today.

    Yeah, they still have some stuff on TradeMe, its this guy:

    Hes putting up new things all the time. Still a lot of stuff at Heroes for Sale in Palmy, you might be able to give them a ring for a list of their stock.

    Yeah almost finished, just doing some basing for them now - im interested in your event, it will depend on what time in September of course, Mk1 aye? Time to pull out the old BS tricks :D

  5. Its a template called TicTac Blue that im using, i find it quite effective, but theres heaps there to choose from!

  6. 27-28th September, one of those days (its a single dayer).

    Yep Mk1.

    Furthur details will be confirmed soon.

    Whats your email address? I'll add you to the mailing list.

  7. is the one i check most - that would be great if you added me to the mailing list thanks.

  8. Done and done.

    All you have to do is accept.