Tuesday, June 9

500 Point Karchev Army - vs Richards Circle this Thursday

Karchev is going to scrap it out against Circle this thursday, which will be interesting since I havent used him in ages!

As a heads-up to Richard, heres my Army List ill use for the night - Im going for the Karchev Spearhead Support Army.

Faction: Khador
Points: 500
Model Count: 13
Victory Points: 22

Karchev the Terrible
> War Dog
> Beast-09
> Berserker
> Drago
Battle Mechaniks [4]
Winterguard Mortar Crew [2]
Winterguard Mortar Crew [2]

So the whole point will be Karchev charging in with his bodyguard of Drago/Zerker/Beast, supported by Mortar Fire and some Mechaniks to quickly fix anything thats seriously hurt. The Wardog should help out a bit, plus it benefits from Unearthly Rage woot!

Should be able to KD or freeze a few things, for easy pickings with Mortar shots and Zerker axes!


  1. All I can say is ouch and bring on the Mk2 rulebooks so I can start playing properly

  2. Hehe, well, Im going to thrash Richard with it this thursday down at the club. I think you might be waiting a while for the FoI books, the Retribution one is slated around September, then the MK2 rulebook around Jan-Feb 2010, and I would think the remaining 5 books about a month after each other over the next 5 months then.

    Hopefully Khador wins Summer Rampage - and they will be the first to get their book out! So I could see it as early as March 2010.