Wednesday, June 17


So many an argument is started over... my Blast Template deviates THIS MUCH - did i still hit someone?

To put the world at ease, and a brief lesson at maths, here we go !!!!

If you fire at something, and miss your original target, and the template deviates off of said target, how far do you have to deviate before you dont hit the original target with blast damage?

"The math is actually pretty simple. AoEs deviate from the center of the base of the targeted model if they were in range and miss.

The base sizes are 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm. Using google (or a calculator) we can determine that from the radius is:
15 millimeters = 0.590551181 inches
20 millimeters = 0.787401575 inches
25 millimeters = 0.984251969 inches

The Radius of the AoE templates is also well known: 1.5" for small, 2" for medium, and 2.5" for large.

Knowing this, we can calulate how far you have to deviate in order not to be hit by the blast damage:

Small Base, 3" AoE: 1.5 + 0.590551181 = 2.090551181" -- So you can see that a deviation of 2 will still be in range.
Small Base, 4" AoE: 2.590551181"
Small Base, 5" AoE: 3.090551181" -- The 5" template clips 50% of the time on a miss
Medium Base, 3" AoE: 2.287401575"
Medium Base, 4" AoE: 2.787401575"
Medium Base, 5" AoE: 3.287401575"
Large Base, 3" AoE: 2.484251969"
Large Base, 4" AoE: 2.984251969" -- This one is contentious if you don't do the math. It is very hard to eyeball correctly.
Large Base, 5" AoE: 3.484251969"

So to sum up, we can say that regardless of base size, a deviation of 1 or 2 with any size template will always hit (with blast damage) the target, and a deviation of a 3 will always hit the target (blast damage) with a 5" template.

Kudos to Jandrese of the PP Forums for his mathlete skills!

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