Saturday, June 6

The finalising of my Cryx army -

Since Maelstrom have just brought out their new sale 15% off RRP (on top of their already competitive 10% off RRP pricing) im tempted to quickly fill out the last of my Cryx army with the few models I really want but cant find in any bargain bin anywhere.

(BTW, the link to Maelstrom is here)

(And the code for 15% off and no postage charge worldwide is: RISE-BEATER ... enjoy!)

My army has indeed expanded very quickly in a short amount of time, much to my wifes chagrin. Currently I now own:

1 x eGaspy (usable as Gaspy as well)
1 x eSkarre (usable as Skarre as well)
1 x Denny (usable as eDenny too)
1 x eGoreshade (not really usable as normal Gore, since I would need to proxy a Murderho.)

1 x Harrower
2 x Stalker
2 x Helldiver
1 x Reaper

12 x Bane Thralls
10 x Nyss Hunters

1 x Skarlock
1 x Pistol Wraith
1 x Ogrun Bokur
1 x Gorman di Wulfe
1 x Gudrun the Wanderer

Also have a few Mercs to use with them as well (listed above).

So I need only a couple more things to fill out my list here. MAYBE another unit, but I get bored of painting units very quickly. Another Heavy, definitely, probably Deathjack. No more 'casters, as I think I have enough, but solos that are actually good would be handy.

Therefore - an approximate list of stuff I would pick up from Maelstrom is:

1 x Deathjack (rawr)
1 x Tartarus (coz of all my banes)
1 x General Slaughterborn (since he seems pimp)
1 x Necrotech (as people think hes awesome)
2 x Deathrippers (Arcnodes!!)

Im also considering the Withershadow Combine, and a unit of Bane Knights.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I have a few days before placing the order, so I can change this around a bit if need be!

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