Monday, June 8

Theme for Cryxy dudes:

So - im going to briefly go over what my theme for the Cryxy dudes im modelling is.

Basically, even though I dont know if ive accomplished it properly yet with my two stalkers and the Skarlock that I have finished, is that I wanted them to be water-worn and slightly algae-like.

A mostly metal sheen to them, with the glowy green of necrotite, plus a greenish hue to the metals that make up the body and other metallic parts. A lot of rust, running through the body overall, as these things have crawled from beneath swampy water where theyve been hiding for a while.

I have been toying with the idea of barnacle like growths on them, but not sure how to do that. I think they ended up looking too green - so I *may* redo some of the washes to give them a browner look. Maybe a couple of washes on the metal areas of Brown/Red to give them a dirtier look, as they seem quite new atm.

The bases are from Iron Halo, and are their "The Fens" collection. They came out quite nicely with some Dark Angels Green Ink and Scorched Brown with Black Washes. Since it seems im going to have to Green Stuff the barstards onto their bases, Ill probably do a little modelling on the bases as well. I think some drybrushing is in order to break up the monotony of the bases brown parts as well. But I do love the bubbles coming from the murky water parts!

For the Skarlock, I aimed for a sickly white-green swirl of the ghostly part, with bone and pallid flesh for his skin and bones. Brass/gold with black wash for the metallic parts, and a Green/Blue with multiple washes over it for the spell hes casting. This didnt come out as bright as I wanted it - OSL is bloody hard too :P

All in all - this should come more apparent with better photos, and hopefully practicing the colour scheme will end up with better results later on as well.

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