Saturday, January 14

Emmas Game, and thoughts on the Second Game.

Emmas games vs Mike and Josh are hard for me to remember, since I was busy while they were happening, but I got the general gist.

Emma won her first game vs Josh with a barrage of Earth Spikes on his Warcaster, but lost her second game vs Mike on scenario, when she couldnt get rid of the Spriggan on one zone, and the Behemoth on the other.

Druids advance, providing support. The number of troops in the middle suggests an attrition game at this point.

Emmas Warlock Baldur just about died the turn before this picture, he ended up on half life after a transfer, as well as on fire, but he manages to escape. Dropped, but not popped.

Baldur licks his wounds, still reeling from the assassination attempt earlier. Woldwardens are sturdy as ever and take an increasingly large amount of hits.

Emmas Constructs and Geomancy turn the tide and force Menoth back, and managed to set off multiple Earth Spikes right on top of pKreoss, killing him.

My second game vs Josh took longer, as he did not commit his forces as early as Mike did. I managed to mangle the Exemplars unit (the ones that get tougher and tougher) in one Hellmouth, but by that point the Bane Knights had been wiped out from the deadly Skyhammer attacks, and a final suicidal sprint to get a kill or two.

We tended to keep our armies apart, he was picking apart my units and solos with Skyhammer rockets, doing serious damage and threatening Wraith Witch Deneghra as well.

After some attrition, I had managed to take out almost all of his Exemplars, as well as almost all of his Rhulic Forgeguard (ARM18 with defensive line guys) but in return had lost all my Bane Knights, all my Blackbanes, and most of my solos. Crucially, I still had two arc nodes left. I had managed to score a control point, because my Machine Wraith stole his Repenter. I had also popped my feat that turn, freezing most of the enemy army in place, including pKreoss (a sliver of an inch in range, hotly contested. [mike objectively judged it])

Because of this, the only thing he could get into the control zone on his next turn, and prevent loss by scenario, was a single un-defended Paladin, with Tough. With a huge effort, including the last Pistol Wraiths guns, with my Repenter that he had failed to remove the Wraith from, killed the Paladin and I won on Scenario.

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