Thursday, January 26

League Game 1 - Result, Win by Scenario

My first league game went well last night, versus Emma's Circle. Won by Scenario with 3 CP to 0, with only a couple of mistakes made during the game from my side, I felt it went really well.

I only had my cellphone camera on me, so the pics are sub par, but I will add them to the end. (Note: The crappy terrain and lack of mat was because we didnt bring any with us, and Mike wasnt there that night - who usually has the terrain :D The lego trees and Wooden castle bits were all good though)

Guidons, the scenario, basically involved moving forward, grabbing an objective, protecting it and getting it to a zone, in order to score a point. If you killed the opposing Objective, you get 2 points.

I won the roll to go first, which was crucial in this particular scenario. My army advanced forwards, out of range of most of Emma's models even if they moved forward, and immeadiately got eDenny in range of control for the objective.

On Emmas turn, she basically did the same thing, moving Woldwardens to hold chokepoints. If she could hang on to them, she could essentially attrition my army down.

My second turn, I manage to get the objective half-way to my zone, no points this round for either of us. First turn its possible to score I believe is 3-1. (Turn 3, Player 1) This is really important, since it gives Player 1 a 1 CP advantage. This turn, I warily advanced most of my troops, and ran Nightmare up right behind a large obstruction in the center of the map.

My plan, of course, was to Ghostly through and take out either Baldur or the Objective. Preferably the Objective, since I would get 3 LP for it. (League Points).

Emmas second turn, she had not yet realised the danger Baldur was in (he was also Nightmares Prey) so she advanced forwards, securing her Objective halfway as well. Woldwardens were in defensive positions, and she had moved forwards a lot of potential blockers, but luckily for me there was still room for a large base. End of second players second turn, and no-one got any points.

My turn three - and I felt I had it in the bag. I actually had already won in my first move this turn, without realising it at the time. eDenny loads Nightmare up with focus, advances, pops her feat, and drops the objective into the zone. Her feat catches all enemy models except for the Druids at the back, essentially trapping Baldur. Nightmare recieves Puppet Master, Imprints for Ghostly, and since he was within 10" of Baldur he just walks forwards 8" and the Objective was in Reach range.

5 attacks later, and I have only taken off half the Objectives life :( I seriously underestimated how tough those little buggers are. I also forgot to do Puppet Master, while this may not have won it for me then, it could have helped. Thinking about it later, I dont know if Nightmare can really kill an Objective without buffs.

POW16 fists do 3 damage on average, Tusks do no damage on average (although I did actually hit for a couple of points with it) which means on average 12 damage - not enough to kill it.

Boosted POW16s do 6.5 damage on average, but Id only get two of them - 13 damage - not enough to kill it.

I dont think you can put Prey on the Objective, but if anyone knows please let me know :D

What I really should have done, was drop "Marked for Death" on the Objective, to get me equivalent POW18s. (Total unboosted: 21 damage, Boosted: 18 damage) Which on average rolls would *just* kill the Objective.

Anyway, I digress. My heart sunk after that fail, especially since I should have moved some different vectors up (all my Arc Nodes were too far away, and I had already activated Deneghra)
What I didnt realise, was that next turn, Emma couldnt move and I would get my second CP. Then it would be my turn, and if I did nothing, I would recieve a third CP and win the game.

At that point, Emma tried desperately to kill something, but because of my feat almost all the attacks Vs Nightmare were ranged and really just did nothing.

Then, her turn ended, and I skipped my turn (since it would accomplish nothing) and won the game on Scenario.

Now, if your paying attention, youll realise that I failed to maximise my CP from this game, which could actually cost me the league in the event of a tiebreaker!! If I had activated Nightmare, and killed the Objective (easy with 3 more Focus) I would have still won the game, but received 2 CP for killing the Objective, leaving me with 4 CP.

Of course, I realised that this morning when I woke up, but at least Ive learnt my lesson - always maximise CP if you can!

Here are the pics I promised earlier:

Emmas army moves up, one Woldwarden in the close forest, the other heading to the Zone. Druids supporting at the back, and Baldur tries to claim the Objective.

The Cryx army advances, Nightmare hiding behind his terrain piece. eDenny claims her Objective, while the rest of the army warily moves forwards.

The Scenario win. eDenny has her flag (the red one) in the zone, while Baldur never made it to his control zone. Nightmare is right in melee, and at this point had only lost one column - to full attacks from Baldur, two Earth Spikes, and the Devouring. Due to my feat, the majority of her army was stationary for the turn that counted, and at the end of the day because of the feat on the turn I used it on, it guaranteed my win on Scenario - making eDenny one of the most dangerous casters I have ever used!

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