Monday, January 23

Toad Hall League Game 2

Toshi vs Luke

Continuing on with my post about which armies im coming up against, my second game for the league is vs Luke and his Khador army.

His list is:

Supreme Kommandant Irusk
Man-O-War Bombardiers
Man-O-War Demolition Squad
Winterguard Infantry + Winterguard Officer and Standard

While this is a formidable list to come up against, it is also an excellent example of how my list can defeat such difficult things as the Winterguard Deathstar, and a Superioritied Spriggan.

Also note the lack of Magic Weapons, not counting Irusk there is a total lack of them, and a lack of a way to "give" them some also. Remember that Irusk does have a lethal, accurate long range magic attack (Airburst, something that is perfect for killing Pistol Wraiths) with an average boosted damage roll of 18. However, he must target a model for this attack, unfortunately it ignores stealth and also some defence against avoiding the hits.

18, of course, kills almost every trooper in my army on average rolls. In fact, the only people who survive it, other than eDenny and Nightmare (still does 4 damage to eDenny), are Bane Lord Tartarus and Withershadows. This also means that these two should be trying to tank Irusk's Airbursts as well, saving the other troops like Sirens, and the Wraiths.

If he tries to cast Airburst in melee, he wont hurt his own Man Of Wars, but he will kill off his Winterguard. Especially since they wont have tough (except on his feat turn) from Joe, an errant Airburst will take out Winterguard easily.

My plan for those Winterguard is equally nasty. Some sacrifices must be made, of course, but thats always the case. A Machine Wraith will run 14" Incorporeally into what I hope will be the centre of the Winterguard Deathstar (they all have Iron Flesh and DEF18, I assume) and then a Deathripper will run up to 14" in order to get within 8" of the Machine Wraith, and then eDenny casts Hellmouth at the butt-end of the Machine Wraith, catching every last Winterguard into its trap. Then the Deathripper will probably die next turn, but if he charges it with, say Demo Corp I will be able to retaliate and take out even more of his army!

Something I will need to keep in mind, on any turn eDenny is not Incorporeal I have a real danger of being spiked by the Superiority-driven Spriggan. Otherwise the battle will be a war of attrition that I have a good chance of winning, with two sacrificial Arc-Nodes I can cause significant damage to his army before popping my feat, at which time I would clear the objective markers with Venom, WSC, Tartarus (if they are still alive) and any remaining Wraiths.

It is also good to note that if he sends his spriggan too far forward, I could steal it with a Machine Wraith. This is a good advantage! If I can then walk it far enough away, I could kill it with WSC and make a Harrower! Dont know if that will quite happen, but it would be very cool!

Which brings me on to my next concern, the Scenario ill be playing vs him. Incursion, #7 in SR2012.

See my next post for ideas on both Incursion, and Guidons vs Emma.

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