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Which Solos are the hardest to kill?

This is a question that pesters me, I like squishy, powerful solos, but it is always annoying when a single AOE or a lucky charge takes them out in one hit. So lets look at Cryx's solos, and see which ones are the most powerful in surviving those hits.

For the purposes of this 'thought experiment', Ive decided to allocate various points to each model.
We are not including any buffs except ones that they give themselves.
The points are as follows:

1 point for each DEF up to 14, and 2 points for each DEF 15+. (Average MAT being 7, models will miss half the time against DEF14 - making DEF15 very valuable.)

1 point for each ARM up to 17, and 2 points for each ARM 18+. (Average POW being about 10, a model will take no damage from an average roll at ARM17, making ARM18 very valuable.)

Base Size: +1 point for Small base, 0 points for Medium base, -1 point for Large Base.

3 points for Tough, Incorporeal and Stealth, 2 points for "Unknockdownable" and Terror, 1 point for each additional Health after the first, and a judged benefit from any other defense ability. (Ghostly, Dragoon, Parry = 1 point) Fearless and Undead are a given in this army, if they do not have either of these abilities they lose one point.

Cryx Solos:

Bane Lord Tartarus:

At DEF13 and ARM17, he falls into the category of "Average rolls will hurt him". This gives him 30 Survival points so far. Sitting on 8 HP, this gives him 7 more points. He also has Stealth, +3 points, Ghostly (avoid free strikes), +1 point, and Terror. (+2 points)

This gives Tartarus a survival points score of 43.

Bloat Thrall:

At DEF10 and ARM14 with 8 health, the Bloat Thrall is easy to hit and easy to kill, giving him a subtotal of 31 points. He is unknockdownable for 2 points, but -1 for a Large base.

This gives the Bloat Thrall a survival points score of 32.

Darragh Wrathe:

Solidly built, at DEF14 and an average armor of 16, and total health boxes being 15, he gets a subtotal of 44. Dragpon can be used to save his life, thus giving a 1 point benefit. He could also use Beyond Death to effectively raise his defence, but is then not attacking anyone. This gives +1 point also. Being a large base is risky, so loses on point.

This gives Darragh Wrathe a survival points score of 45.

Gerlak Slaughterborn:

With a statline of DEF12 and ARM17 with 8 boxes, Gerlak is almost as tough as Tartarus. Still not in the optimal stat areas, this gives him a current total of 37 points. Add in Tough and Terror for 5 points, and add "Unknockdownable" for 2 points and you have a solid defensive solo.

This gives Gerlak a survival points score of 44.

Machine Wraith:

With a substandard statline of DEF14 and ARM12, with one health, it gives him a survival score of 26. Luckily Incorporeal helps out his chances. (+3 points).

This gives the Machine Wraith a survival points score of 29.


Necrotechs arent designed to be front line fighters, at DEF12 and ARM13 with 5 boxes. This gives a subtotal of 29. Unknockdownable gives an additional 2 points.

This gives the Necrotech a survival points score of 31.

Pistol Wraith:

Pistol Wraiths have that same weak statline, DEF14 and ARM12 with 5 boxes, giving a total of 30 points. Their saving grace is Incorporeal, for 3 points. Small base for +1. This is really the limit of their defenses however.

This gives a Pistol Wraith a survival points score of 34.

Skarlock Thrall:

The Skarlock Thrall sits on DEF 14 and ARM 12, making him hit on average rolls and most things will kill him. This gives him 26 points so far. With 5 HP, he gets an additional 4 points. Small base for +1. This is really the limits to his defensive qualities.

This gives the Skarlock a survival points score of 31.

Warwitch Siren:

The Warwitch Siren has an excellent DEF at 15, but bad armour at 13. With 5 health, this puts her sub total on 34. Adding in Stealth and Small base bonus is another 4 points. Parry is another useful move at +1 point. Shadowbind and Seduction are both survival moves, giving her another point for both of them.

This gives a Warwitch Siren a survival points score of 40.


As we can see, there are equal amounts of Squishy and Hardy solos.
The Hardy solos, (Survival points of 40+) are:

Warwitch Siren, Gerlak, Darragh Wrathe, and Bane Lord Tartarus.

This makes sense as these are the most common solos that I see as well. Since Wrathe and Tartarus are both 4 points, they really should be on this list. Gerlak is nice to see here, he is known to be hard to put away and can really work on the offensive as well. The Warwitch Siren, at 2 points, seems to be the cheapest and hardiest of all Cryx solos - given its popularity, its no wonder why. (Also, the only solo to have DEF15 base).

Solos that I didnt write up: (Dont have the model or stats)

Satyxis Raider Captain, Scrap Thrall, Iron Lich Overseer, Captain Rengrave,

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