Tuesday, March 27

2 Games to report!

Two games in the last couple of days, one of them was my league game with eDenny vs Christers league army, with ... eDenny.

Christer won the roll to choose who goes first, and he went and picked first, which was what I was secretly hoping for.

He then made a big mistake in the first turn, by forgetting to move eDenny forwards! This was lucky for me since he wouldnt be able to feat and shut me out of the scenario.

His mechanithralls swarmed the centre objective marker, and his bane thralls advanced and covered his objective zone. The Deathjack advanced, and threatened my objective zone - but I had the Withershadow Combine waiting for him there.

On my turn I ran everything forward, threatening his flank with a Pistol Wraith and a Machine Wraith, while Denny moved towards the objective.

His next turn was crucial for him, he used his Skarlock and Deathjack to try and kill the Pistol Wraith, with the Deathjack succeeding. Unfortunately, the Deathjack was now out of place and couldnt stop my Denny from taking the Objective marker. His Mechanithralls swarmed it, but only another Warcaster can contest it.

My turn 2, and the first scenario points start counting. I moved B2B with the marker and popped feat, catching his whole army except 2 of his WSC, a Stalker, and a few Bane Thralls. My Ghosts charged, most of them missing. I cleaned up his Stitch Thralls, then took down the Mechanithralls, wiping out 90% of the unit. The WSC took pot shots at the Deathjack, slightly hurting it. Bane Lord Tartarus charged an encroaching Stalker, and with one hit crippled both his arms. Haha, a useless Stalker! I thought to myself. 1 CP to me!

His turn, and he really had very few options. He popped feat as well, but it was kind of irrelevant since I already have the Objective and he couldnt get me off it. The Stalker, rolling 1D6 to hit and damage, took out 7/8 of Tartarus' life boxes! (He was boosting though) The Bane Thralls got some revenge by killing a few Ghosts, and the Deathjack spent a bunch of focus and killed one of the Combine with a boosted Venom. 2 CPs to me!

At this point, I skipped my turn to gain the 3rd CP point, and the Scenario win.

A good game however, and if it wasnt for two key mistakes on Christers side (forgetting to move eDenny and moving Deathjack too far away from the objective) it would have been much closer. There was hardly any killing going on, it ended up mostly being run forward -> feat, everybody just sit around.

Second game was earlier today, I took an eGaspy army with Bile Thralls, Bane Knights and Bloodgorgers, along with the obvious Cankerworm and a Deathripper, and then a bunch of solos (Tartarus, WWS, Gerlak etc) took on Rowan and his Retribution army of doom.

We ended up playing Close Quarters, since that is the one we will end up facing each other on during the league.

The game was going extremely well for me for every turn except the last, my models were dying all over the place but that was according to plan - I wanted them dead so I could use them for my feat. I pulled off an awesome Excarnate -> Bile Thrall purge that left 3/11 Mage Hunter Strike Force alive and also killed Aiyanna and Holt for good measure. I then teleported back 8" with eGaspy, confident in Hellbound and his excellent defensive stats.

Too confident, as it turns out - the Phoenix fired a Halo Cannon that splatted him right in the face, and then two boosted (with Sylys as well) Arcantrik Bolts finished him off. Rowan rolled reasonably well, and managed to make all his attack rolls, and basically knocked eGaspy off his high horse. If he had failed (and he only made it with 1 HP to spare) he would have been dead for sure - but, luck was on his side and the dice gods were happy with him.

Annoyingly, on my way home, I realised that I had completely forgotten to deploy Gorman di Wulfe - who would have thrown a Smoke Bomb on Gaspy and he would have then survived. (He already needed 10's to hit, and only just made them) Oh well, that will teach me to forget to deploy my entire army.

Fun game, though this now makes me 0 for 2 against Rowan. It looks like our next rematch will need to be fierce - im thinking Karchev Powerslide + Beast 09. No holds barred!

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