Thursday, March 1

League Games, 1st of March - Cryx vs Menoth

Last night Emma and I played our respective league games, me against the Menoth list I had previewed earlier on this site, and Emma vs Rowans impressively vast Retribution army.

I thought I would get an easy win vs George's Menoth, since he had no magic weapons to speak of and I could, with impunity, run my Incorporeal models forwards knowing they were practically invincible.

It didnt quite work out that way, and it took me till turn 4 before I secured my 3 round victory chain. (Game took 6 turns total, as I was player 1)

Daughters of the Flame were far trickier to counter than I thought, even though I managed to utterly wipe out one unit on Round 2 - Turn 1. The second unit I let go, since I thought they wouldnt be able to threaten me. Then they just about destroyed Nightmare in one charge, just about losing me my only caster kill option.

I struggled to control the objective while still defending my own objective, as George had parked a full unit of TFG in shield wall right on top of it, forcing me to wipe out a unit of high armor troops in one turn - something my army is not great at.

My tactic worked in the end however, as I feinted right in order to draw his jacks, most of his remaining troops, and his warcaster to the side with my own objective on it. I then hit hard on my left with only a few troops, but, and this clinched my victory, an arc-node. I managed to clear the entire unit in one turn and then popped feat, locking his troops in place. I scored 3 CP's, and won the game.

Turn 2 - An arced Hellmouth takes out a Blackbane Ghost, and a unit of Daughters. I secure my objective with a Deathripper, and, crucially a Machine Wraith. Those Flameguard look hungry. On the left flank, a Pistol Wraith and two Machine Wraiths menace his troops.

My Machine Wraiths mess with his Warjacks, continuously taking over two of his Warjacks and forcing him to spend focus on trying to kick them out. The Deathripper was charged by TFG, who just about destroyed it, then set it on fire. The fire killed it next round. Bane Lord Tartarus charges and kills the remaining TFG after some Venom's from eDenny. On the left objective, you can see the remaining TFG sitting there, while I attempt to whittle them down.

The end of the game - Between two Venoms from the arc-node, a Venom from the Siren, and the Blackbanes charging the remaining troopers, I clean my objective and secure the points for a victory. His light Warjack charges and kills Tartarus, but at this point it doesnt matter. Nightmare is reduced to a half dozen boxes left from the charge by the Daughters, if they hadnt flubbed about half their attack rolls they would have killed him.

Overall, this game was closer than I liked, his troops came close to overwhelming my defences and I struggled to kill his without massive expenditures on focus. Luckily I was able to use Incorporeal to my advantage and position myself for the best charges. I took two of his warjacks out of the game for at least 3 turns with Machine Wraiths, and made Feora spend most of her focus on kicking them out, lest I control them and start beating her with her own Warjacks.

Feora didnt pop her feat, which was lucky for me, since I would have lost most of my non-ghost models, but I think he was saving it for a more opportune time.

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