Thursday, March 29

League game night

Emma and I played our league games tonight, hers was the 5th round and mine 6th round.

Emma's Circle faced off against George's Menoth, who I played earlier in the league.

She was doing Demolition, the one with the Explosives Cache and the two large circle objectives. From what I saw of the game, she moved Baldur into position to take the objective and then was able to hold on to it even though George threw everything he had at him - including a Castigator, multiple flamethrower attacks, and even some Temple Flameguard were charging in there.

Georges Warcaster Feora was a little slow in getting there, and was unable to prevent Baldur from taking the 3 Control Points he needed and winning on scenario! Baldurs feat really did help slow down the advancing Menites though.

An interesting note was the Druids of Orboros only killing 2 of the 12 Daughters of the Flame, and then getting wiped out in retaliation. I had totally thought it would be the other way around!

My league game was versus Martin and his Circle Warpack - the three Warpwolves and Kaya. I totally underestimated Martin and he really threw me for a loop with some of his very astute tactical manouevers. I was expecting an easy and fast win with my feat and the control points, but several tricky moves by Martin (and a terrible attack by Nightmare) meant he kept his cool throughout and held off victory for 5 turns instead of 3.

There were two forests and two buildings right in between all the flags and the zones, which I had assumed gave me the advantage. Unfortunately, I rushed forward but was blocked by all the terrain from getting a decent charge/sprint towards the scenario points. Martin had cleverly made me go first as well, meaning I couldnt really score points till the top of turn 3.

Luckily for me, Martin had never really played against Incorporeal before, and I think they confused him a little. He still ended up splatting a bunch of them, due to Wraithbane from the Pureblood. I was set for a feat -> scenario victory, until he Ghostlied a Warpwolf to my flag and contested it!

I decided I had to go for it anyway, and sent Nightmare with 3 Focus to kill it while eDenny walked forward and feated to lock his models in place. I ran a Machine Wraith to contest the other objective, and bet on Nightmare killing the Warpwolf.

Needless to say, I rolled terribly (3's to hit and straight damage) and the Warpwolf had heaps of life left. I thought Id screwed it at this point! I ended up having to charge my remaining Blackbanes and a Machine Wraith (P+S8, rofl) and left it on 3HP - but on fire.

Having failed to get a CP this turn, I was resigned to this game lasting much longer, and perhaps not ending well for me.

On his turn, he still couldnt move, and.... his Warpwolf died from the flames! He couldnt contest my flag, and couldnt kill my Machine Wraith, and so conceded the CP and on my turn, I got the second CP.

Incidentally, it was extremely close - his Lord of the Feast *could* have contested the flag, if only he had rolled a 6 to hit with his raven (therefore placing him within 4"). I held my breath, and Martin rolled double 1's.

A much closer game than I would have liked, I dont know what else I could have done if I hadnt gotten those CPs, his models could have moved and with Circle agility easily contested everything. It would have turned into a slugfest, one which I may easily have lost!

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