Friday, March 9

Practice Game, Khador vs Circle, then League Game, Khador vs Circle

On Thursday Emma and I had a practice game, with me using basically the same army she was going to be facing on Saturday morning for her 3rd League game, (4th round).

Spriggan rushes up towards the Monolith, Winterguard spread out and try to kill the druids, Demo Corp are wiped out by Woldwardens, and my Bombardiers (proxied by Shocktroopers) slowly walk towards the Monolith as well.

Most of the Winterguard are killed, all the Demo Corp are killed, Bombardiers shoot the Monolith, Spriggan starts towards the second Monolith.

Bombardiers blow up the Monolith, the last few Winterguard try to take out the Warbeasts, Spriggan is halfway to the other monolith and the Woldwarden destroys my own Monolith.

Game Over - My Spriggan gets to the Monolith despite Baldurs best efforts, and kills it with multiple POW18 lance attacks.

This game was to help Emma get her head around the scenario, and get used to eIrusk's bag of tricks. She did pretty well, but was unable to stop an 11" a turn moving Spriggan from reaching her Objective and take it down. I failed almost all my Tough rolls (two guys rolled tough, out of the 12+ rolls I made) and the Demo Corp were killed way too quick by Earth Spikes and the Woldwatcher. Good game though!

Emma's real game vs Luke and his eIrusk army: (You may recall I played him for my 2nd game, click this link to see how that went)

A massive clump of Khador infantry vs the spread out Warbeasts on the Circle side.

Circle advances cautiously protecting its Monolith, while a Woldwarden is teleported further upfield.

Khadors turn, and he rushes his Winterguard forward, while the Demo Corp protect his Monolith. The Bombardiers are flanking on his left.

Druid magic starts to take its toll, with several Winterguard falling to AOE's from the Circle forces.

A Woldwarden strikes forward - killing two Demo Corp and threatening the Monolith! The Devouring kills 90% of the remaining Winterguard.

eIrusk pops his feat, allowing his Spriggan to charge the Woldwarden - charge attack needs 3's to hit, and ... SNAKE EYES! A groan from Luke as his Spriggan proceeds to do minor damage. He runs his Demo Corp forward to try and threaten Baldur, hiding in the stones.

Baldur shifts into range and line of sight of eIrusk, and hits him with an Earth Spikes, knocking him down and doing some damage. The Blackclad Wayfarer and another massive Devouring finish eIrusk off, and Emma wins by Caster Kill.

An entertaining game to watch, Emma managed to funnel his Winterguard into a small corridor and then hit them with a full power Devouring, which killed just about every single one. The Spriggan was not able to get any decent charges due to the forests being put into play, and the Bombardiers were too far away to effect the game much, especially since "Solid Ground" was negating any blast damage.

Luke did well in advancing as fast as his Man O Wars could, but they just couldnt outpace the speed from Circles Warbeasts and the teleporting of the Shifting Stones. The clumped together unit of Winterguard was a fantastic target for The Devouring, and he ended up losing a large number of his unit. The last Winterguard got an awesome shot on Baldur, doing 7 damage to him, but this was transferred off to the Woldwyrd, negating some of the awesomeness.

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