Wednesday, April 21

Game 1 - Cryx vs Menoth

The first game between John and I, the dreaded eKreoss exemplar army vs a mixed army with eDenny.

Since we had three games this day, im going to be a little quicker with the posting - as im really rather lazy and prefer to let the pictures do the talking!


The main Cryx elements. 2 Helldivers and 2 Stalkers, supported by Blackbanes, a unit of Bane Knights, Tartarsauce and Gerlak.

The Cryx flankers - these guys did amazingly well this game. Cephalyx Overlords, and a unit of Bile Thralls.

Menite Jacks - the Avatar, (first time I played against it, I was rather worried) a Crusader and a Castigator.

Two (2!) units of Knights Exemplar + Gravus, who buffed them quite a bit. Ouch!


My army advances, the Incorporeal and Ghostly elements rushing up the flank. The units on the right flank ran into the forest. John moves the bulk of his army up, with some extreme defence.


Combat starts! I use almost everything at my disposal and kill the Avatar. He had done his Gaze of Menoth, and screwed my armies mobility, and then had to die. It took all the Bane Knights, Tartarus, Pistol Wraith and Deneghra to kill it. Deneghra moves up and pops her feat - immobilizing the entire Menoth army! On the flank, the Cephalyx Overlords spray - ignoring LOS - and kill 5/6 of a unit of Knights. The Bile Thralls do a purge, killing most of the other unit. Gravus is still going strong though.

The Menite army is almost neutered by not being able to move, and I basically get an extra turn to deliver the pain. Which I do, almost wrecking both remaining Jacks and slaughtering the remaining Knights, bar one or two. Big mistake here - I forgot to activate any of my Bonejacks! Dammit!

Where did everyone go?

Lol - the Castigator erupts in a cacophony of flame, and kills just about everything - including most of his own troops. It wipes out a Helldiver, (which should have been burrowed /facepalm) and im left with the bare bones. Unfortunately for Kreoss, so is he - only a mangled Crusader and himself left.


Rather than face an honorable end at the hands of the evil Cryx - Kreoss hightails it outta there, and runs off the board. Living to fight another day.


eDenny is amazing - or, should I say, her feat is amazing. Its kinda like a better version of pSorcha's feat, since you cant shake it off or anything, combined with a DEF debuff. Against primarily melee armies (I wouldnt like to play Khador vs her) its brutal. She did need an arcnode though.

Helldivers are awesome as usual, and the Cephalyx Overlords really excelled - advancing into a forest with Pathfinder then shooting 8" Sprays which ignored just about every defensive buff imaginable! Bane Knights are good, but I think I prefer Bane Thralls after playing with both.


  1. That damn feat of yours was horrible

  2. Yeah its like the old school pSorcha... its very evil. Ill have to not abuse eDenny so that people will still want to play against me.

    ... good tourney caster though im thinking!