Sunday, April 25

Strahkov vs eButcher

I had a game against Toby last thursday, to try out my Strahkov 15pt list which I think is now pretty optimal. Basically Strahkov + Beast 09 + Destroyer + War Dog.

Toby was practicing his eButch, with a unit of Doom Reavers + UA, Great Bears, War Dog and a Juggy.


Didnt want to get too close to them Doomies. Superiority on Beast 09, Sentry on the Destroyer.


4 Doom Reavers + the Escort down...

2 More Doomies and a Great Bear down...

Fail at killing anything, but I think I did a column of damage on the Juggy... who looks angry and wants to charge!


Great Bears run to engage Beast 09, who Threshers and kills one, freezing and KD the other. The Juggy charges and attacks Strahkov - needing an 11 to hit. Rolls 3D6 and gets 10! Phew.

Beast 09 charges eButch, and *just about* kills him, but hes rather tough - especially on ARM22. I start to look worried at this point... Strahkov, Destroyer and Wardog kill the Juggy.


eButcher goes down - but not before he just about kills both Beast and the Destroyer!! He obliterated them. With one round of attacks, he did 25+ damage to each Warjack. Thats just crazy.

Final Thoughts:

A good game - one where Toby obliged me by walking into the double shots of the Destroyers Bombards. Managing to kill all the Doom Reavers and Great Bears before they could attack helped a lot, and in the end getting the charge off with Beast 09 was still not enough to kill eButcher - that man is one tough S.O.B.

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