Monday, April 12

15pt Battle - Circle vs Khador

A quick game Emma and I had today - 15pts of Circle vs Khador action!

After getting such a nicely painted Strahkov *cough, cough* I still hadnt tried him out! I was a little wary about using him, as it was my first try, and I wanted him to do well, but I figured he probably played like a more aggressive form of Irusk, and it worked out well.

I brought Strahkov, with a loyal retinue of Beast 09 and a Destroyer, and his War Puppy to keep him company.

Emma brought Baldur, a Woldwarden and 2 Woldwatchers - which she hadnt used before - and Lord of the Feast.


Strahkov and the boys.

Baldur and his beasts.

Combat Begins:

Circle advances up, taking cover in the forests. Strahkov casts Superiority on Beast and Sentry on the Destroyer - before throwing a cloud bomb to try and block some Line of Sight.

Strahkov feats, and Beast 09 charges 13"! Right into Lord of the Feast and the two Woldwatchers. He freezes one, damages the other and kills LotF. With Stoneform, even Beast 09 couldnt kill the Woldwatchers! The Destroyer takes potshots at the Woldwarden, who takes potshots with Earthspikes back at him.

Another turn of attacks, and the Woldwatchers stand strong! They even half kill Beast 09 with their attacks. The Woldwarden fires off its Earthspikes, but does no damage. The Destroyer blows another chunk in it, doing some more damage. Strahkov is firing like mad, but rolls bad for his D3 shots twice in a row - 1 shot, then 2 shots.

Baldur forestwalks into combat with Beast 09 - but with a shocking set of rolls fails to cripple any part of him! In desperation, the one remaining Woldwatcher and the Woldwarden try to damage Beast, hurting him slightly, and then he turns around - with Superiority, Murderous, and 3 Focus its all downhill for Baldur.

Combat Ends:

Not only was he frozen in place, Beast 09 does a massive 16 damage in one hit from the Ice Axe. Baldur luckily has 17 health, but the extra focus means an Icy death for old Baldur.

Final Thoughts:

Strahkov is a very cool caster - Superiority still is the best Warjack buff in the game, and that combined with the best Warjack in the game is a killer combination. Baldur could have killed Beast with the Forestwalk combo, but fluffed the dice rolls. Sentry is fun, basically double dipping with a single model, getting two shots. What I found was that Strahkov never has enough focus to do everything he wants to do! I didnt even have enough to cast all his upkeeps in the first turn! (I missed out on Occultation) Beast 09 yet again gets the caster kill, adding another notch to his well worn axe handle.

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