Monday, April 12

35pt Game - Heroes for Sale Toby vs Toshi - Battle 2

The next game we had with the same armies, basically straight afterwards. Ill get right into the nitty gritty bits:


Similar to before, the table didnt really have much room to deploy differently. This time I was intending on having all the cavalry flank right, while the main force advance straight ahead to distract the enemy. Toby set up in a blob opposite the Demo Corp.

Combat Begins:

The five strong squad of Cavalry boost around the right flank, in an attempt to get behind the Jacks. The Destroyer moves in to intercept, his Executioner axe will reap a heavy toll! The Demo Corp are spreading out in an attempt to avoid getting killed towards the rest of his army.

A brutal fight erupts center field, and I lose 2 Demo Troopers and 2 Uhlans - as well as some of the solos. However, on my turn, eVlad pops his feat as I spot an opening - a 14" charge from the last Uhlan! Under Hand of Fate, Transference and eVlad's feat, he kills pVlad (who didnt have BoK on him - he thought he was safe - HAH!) with his two attacks. (P+S19 on the charge!)

End Game:

The successful Uhlan - a fantastic charge. If I hadnt got this charge - and it was pretty close too - it would have been a hard slog to take out Tobys army. I had hardly damaged anything, and lost half my heavy hitters as well. A good game, ended with a nice assassination :D

Final Thoughts:

As I thought, eVlad's feat ended the game again. It is just so versatile, and makes any trooper worth about 5x as much. Even Mechaniks would be brutal with this feat! This army would probably work better at larger points limits, as it was getting a bit ridiculous when you start to lose your feat targets.

Good game though, eVlad is still just so awesome. Even the craziness of pVlad cant stand up to his awesomeness.

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