Wednesday, April 21

Game 3 - Cryx vs Menoth

After the quick kill in the previous game, we decided to have one more to finish off the day.

John changed his army a bit, using eSeverious this time. I decided to try eGoreshade, with a bunch of Bane Thralls.


Theres a pretty decent view of the deployment - max Bane Thralls on the left flank, with Bile Thralls and Blackbanes on the right flank. 2 Light Jacks on the Menoth side, the one with the long range rocket launcher, and the Blessing of Vengeance.

Battle Starts:

Lots of vicious fighting going on here - most of the Bane Thralls die to the rocket launcher jack, and in retaliation they charge the Avatar and mangle it badly, as well as trying to take out the Blessing of Vengeance. On the other flank Blackbanes are increasing their numbers by killing infantry.

The Helldivers try to get Sevvy, but it doesnt work very well. Tartarus and the Bane Thralls are wiped out, but so is the Avatar. Theres a looot of enemy models still...

We reach a stand-off - Goreshade doesnt want to get too close to Sevvy, who might easily squash him, but Sevvy cant leave the protection of the tank traps, which are saving him from being eating by the Helldivers.

The Cryx army starts to take out the remaining Menites, but Sevvy still has his feat - capable of killing up to 6 undead models instantly. (well, my weak ones anyway.) The massive amount of Blackbanes make my army huge - as they glut the bodies of the enemy troops.

My last Bile Thrall sacrifices himself - and killing the majority of the remaining troops. Severius kills most of the Blackbanes, who manage to replicate themselves a little more. Severius then charges a Helldiver, killing it with Wrath of God.


Unfortunately for Severius, this leaves him open to a charge from Goreshade - who seals the deal with a few swipes of a God's own sword.


eGoreshade is an alright caster. He has some good support spells, but his feat is tricky to use. Blackbanes did reaaally well, and doubled and tripled their unit during this fight, and were great. Bane Thralls got annihilated, as did Tartarus. They still just about killed the Avatar though.

A good game, which I almost lost. Severious made himself vulnerable for a charge, but if he hadnt if would have been rather difficult to get to him. I think ill have to change my rules for the Tanktraps...


  1. AT this point I thought I would just pop Severius out and try and kill something with him - bad mistake.

    He's an interesting caster to use - being able to take over your army a model at a time was fun and using Blessing of Vengeance with him is just fantastic. Add in the Heirophant and with the BoV arcnode he effectively has a 26-30" spell range.

  2. Yeah influence with that much range was brutal. Tartarus and Gerlak killed a lot of my own stuff... ill have to remember for next time!