Sunday, April 25

Baldur vs pButcher

A quick practice game vs Emmas Baldur Construct army, this time I took pButch, Devastator + Kodiak, and a unit of Widowmakers. Emma took Baldur, a Woldwarden, two Woldwatchers and Lord of the Feast.


Baldur + his constructs. (The Argii are proxies for Woldwatchers, btw.)

Butcher and his Jacks. Widowmakers are deployed in the tank traps.


Butcher and his Warjacks run into position - Emma defends behind forests. And Solid Ground. Which makes the Devastator almost useless.

Emma pops Baldurs feat, and takes pot-shots at the Jacks, most attacks bouncing off their armour. Jacks sloooowly move into position.


Butcher gets into melee range - by running, and camps his focus for the inevitable onslaught.

Dead Baldur:

A valiant attempt - the combined attacks of Lord of the Feast, the Woldwarden, Baldur and 2 Woldwatchers bring Butcher down to 1 health box. (Iron Flesh + Camping Focus ftw) And then it is Butchers turn. Ka-Splat!

Final Thoughts:

This was a Butcher rush list - and it just about failed horribly for me! I figured Emma wouldnt commit fully to the attack to try to kill super-Butcher, but she did, and it nearly paid off (1 more damage!) However, it just made Butcher mad, and he clove Baldur in two on his next turn. Mmmm chopped up Baldur.


  1. Just wanted to let you know, I just found your blog. I like your writing style and I wanted to encourage you in your New Years Resolutions. It's not too late to make them! Keep it up!

  2. Hehe thanks - ive taken a break recently, but am intending on continuing shortly! =)