Monday, April 12

35pt Game - Heroes for Sale Toby vs Toshi

This game was played a while back, I just never got around to writing out the reports for them! (Theres two games, but ill do them in seperate posts).

This was my awesome eVlad list, which basically had max Demo Corp, min Uhlans, Markov + Drakhun + solos sprinkled in.

I was playing against Tobys pVlad list, with 3 heavies! A Decimator, a Juggernaut and a Destroyer. Plus the Great Bears and the Whor..... Eiryss.

Basically, I was trying to pop my feat, combined with Transference, to put an early end to that imposter Vlad on the other side of the field - while not losing any of my important models.


We had a short table, which meant this game was going to be brutal and quick. A line of Demos, Uhlans and other various solos were on my side, vs a wall of Jacks.


Here I was setting up for the kill - trying to decide to use my feat for the assassination, or to annihilate his army.

Combat Begins:

I didnt need the feat - and the Demos charged and demolished the enemy Jack. I think it was the Juggy. Bombards from the Destroyer take out an Uhlan, but their speed will ensure they see combat.

The enemy Vlad decides to rock on up into the melee - and fails to do anything other than kill a Demo Trooper. The Decimator and Destroyer likewise do not do any serious damage.

End Game:

The Feat Turn - and 4 Men of War Demo Corp are hitting at MAT 9 and P+S17, with 2 attacks each. Oh yes, Vlad is toast.

Final Thoughts:

eVlad is just as evil as ever. His feat is awesomely good, and makes almost any Khadoran into a force to be reckoned with. Almost every trooper in this army could have gotten the caster kill - and if I remember correctly, the first Demo Corp by himself killed Blood of Kings pVlad.

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