Wednesday, April 21

Game 2 - Cryx vs Menoth

We started the next one straight away - I changed my Warcaster to Mortenbra and John stuck with basically the same army.


Menoth deployment - he has some Cleansers on the left flank, and the rest of his army is on the right flank.

My army has a min unit of Bloodgorgers, Blackbanes and some Bane Thralls over to the right flank. Mortenbra is going to advance, and try and take out Kreoss with some Jack action.


Our advance - Blackbanes run through the tank traps - greedily looking at the Cleansers. They cant hit the Ghosts, and the Ghosts will double their unit size if they hit them.


John foils my plans by protecting is main army - and I rush forward, massacring the Cleansers. However, my units are looking vulnerable to a counterattack. The Knights advance through the forest due to Pathfinder, but I dont want to risk my Bane Thralls by advancing and attacking.


So - turns out the game didnt advance very quickly after this point - John moved eKreoss out from behind his covering troops, and the Helldivers had their attack vectors. Mortenbra moved up, cast Terminal Velocity, and thats all she wrote.


A good game, John was doing a great job of manouevering, but made a mistake by moving eKreoss into a vulnerable position, and the Helldivers did their work.

Helldivers = awesome. Other things that performed well were the Bloodgorgers with Gerlak, with some lucky Tough rolls they survived for quite a long time considering the attacks unleashed on them by Johns army.


  1. Yeah I played for conservatively this time and worked to a definite plan which I promptly forgot half way through Kreoss Activation. Basically I was setting you up to have the Avatar drag your army in to the Castigators special attack and then have the pathfinder Exemplars came charging in from the side with Kreoss feat and Gravus buffing them up

  2. Thats a good plan. Castigators are evil incarnate, they are so much better now than they used to be!

    We will need a rematch to see what would have happened if i didnt get Kreoss that turn..