Wednesday, March 24

Strahky - WIP Pics


Heres my WIP pics of him, built him a base out of grey stuff, with a rocky stone ground piece over it, and some trench spikes sticking out of it.

He is quite far forward on his base, which ive balanced by adding a decapitated head and a mutilated shield behind him - the wreckage he leaves in his wake.

Very nice model, and only 2 parts! (Body + Knife)

Ive made a slight alteration of the angle of his gun arm and his knife arm, just angled them slightly more horizontally giving him (i think) more presence.


  1. ohh thanks for the base inspiration! I've been trying to complete my Strahky ( and have yet to start on a base.

  2. That's Badass. I cant wait till I get mine :D

  3. Ah yes ive been watching your progress J.A.M, that is a fantastic red that youve got on him.

    I think im going to go with a style of paintjob ive been experimenting recently, to go with my AKs - which is a jungle camo with khador red patches.

    Jumping over trenches is just what Strahkov does for fun.

  4. We will have to have a duel soon toby, ive got my Strahkov list ready :D

  5. @Binz: LOL I didn't realize you own this blog. I'll buy you a beer the next time I am in NZ hehe... I am following your blog because I want my only Khador warband be led by Karchev (collecting jacks when I see a good deal hehe).

  6. @J.A.M

    Hehe awesome :D flick me a comment or an email ( when you are around...

    Of course it should be led by Karchev! He is of course, the Chuck Norris + Robocop + Arnold of the warmachine world.

    Only when a Khador player has survived his baptism of fire with Karchev, should he be allowed to play with any other 'caster :P