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Tier Lists for Khador

Well, ive been chomping on the bit, and a bunch of people have had the book now - finally some real info is being posted!

Ill amalgamate it here:


non-char jacks, Drago, Mechaniks, Ternions, Iron Fangs, dog, Greylord solos

T1: zerkers -1PC, Koldun Lord FA+1 for each ternion
T2: must have 2 units IFP, all IFP get +2SPD first round.
T3: 3+ Koldun Lords, all greylords get first turn
T4: Only jacks are zerkers+Drago, all jacks get

Old Witch:

Tier 1
Mode's/ units in the army gain Stealth during the first round

Tier 2
Add Yuri the Axe to the army free of cost. req for tier 2 is two units of kossites

Tier 3
Friendly models/ units can begin the game affected by the Old Witch's upkeep spells. Old Witch doosn't have to pay focus to upkeep spells your first turn. req for tier 3 is two ternions

Tier 4
Models/units in the army gain Pathrinder during your first turn of the game. For each heavy warjack in the Old Witch's battlegroup, place one 4" AOE forest anywhere completely within 20" of the back edge of her deployment zone. req for tier 4 is two heavies

She can take:
Any non-character warjack
Battle Mechaniks, Greylord Ternions, Kossifte Woodsmen, Widowmakers
Manhunters, Widowmaker Marksmen, Yuri the Axe


Tier 1
Assault Kommandos go FA U and gain

Tier 2
Requires 2 Kommando units
For each kommando unit, place one trench template anywhere within 20" of your table edge.

Tier 3
Requires four or more units
Add one Manhunter or Widowmaker Marksman free of cost. It ignores FA restrictions O.o

Tier 4
He needs two 'jacks
Same as Old Witch tier 3


Jacks: non-characters, Behemoth
Units: Mechaniks, Widowmakers, Winter Guard units, Kayazy units
Solos: Marksmen, Kayazy solos, WG solos

Tier 1: Kayazy Assassins become FA: U, and Mortars/Field Guns get +1 FA for each WG Infantry or Rifle Corps unit
Tier 2: 2+ WG Infantry, get a free UA for them
Tier 3: 2+ Kayazy Assassin units, Kayazy units/models get Advance Move
Tier 4: Take the Behemoth, each warjack in Irusk's battlegroup get 1 free focus at the beginning of your first turn


can take Doom reavers, regular jacks, Manhunters, Wardog, Fenris, Yuri, and Doom Reaver solos.

Tier 1:
Doom reavers and Doom reaver attatchments have FA U (but still only one attatchment per unit)

Tier 2:
requires at least 3 DOom reaver units
Reduce cost of Doomies by 1

Tier 3:
Include Fenris (like you didn't anyway)
Gain +1 on the starting roll

Tier 4:
Two or more 'jacks on Butcher
Butcher's base focus at the start of the game and your first turn is 7. Don't roll Arcane Dementia.


can field non character 'jacks, Battle Mechaniks, Doomies, Greylords, Manhunters, Fenris, Doom reaver solos, Greylord solos

Tier 1
Greylord Ternion and Koldun Lord solos get FA U

Tier 2
Requires 2 doom reaver units
Add a unit attatchment for free, ignoring FA restrictions

Tier 3
Requires two or more Koldon Lords
Koldun Lord solos and their marshalld 'jacks gain

Tier 4
Zerkova has three 'jacks in HER battlegroup
Models gain +2 SPD during the first turn

Big Karchev:

Jacks, Mechanics, Greylords (lot of em), MoW, and associated solos

T1: Ternions are FA:U and Koldun Lords are FA +1 per ternion!
T2: 2+ MoW units, MoW gain Advance Move
T3: 1+ ternion units, for each ternion, place a 3" cloud effect in play before first turn
T4: 3+ jacks, each jacks costs 1 less


Uses Beast, Mechaniks, Widowmakers, Wintergarde, Marksman, and WG solos.

Tier 1
A warjack gains Advance move for each Mechanik unit

Tier 2
Requires three or more Winter Guard units
Add Kovnik Jozef Griforovich for FREE

Tier 3
You use Beast 09 (so free, amirite?)
you get +1 on
the kick off roll

Tier 4
Your army includes 3 warjacks
Your deployment zone goes an extra 2"


Uses Beeast, Mechaniks, Widows, MoW, Wintergarde, Manhunters, Marksman, MoW solos, WG solos.

Tier 1
Reduce Kodiaks by 1 point

Tier 2
Needs two or more WG Infantry units
Old Witch's trees grow for every two units.

Tier 3
Includes two or more MoW
MoW gain advance move

Tier 4
Include 2 Kodiaks
The whole army gains for turn 1


Takes Drago, Kossites, Widows, IF units, Wardog, and IF solos.

Tier 1
IF Uhlans become FA 2, and reduce the cost of each unit by 1

Tier 2
Requires the Great Bears
Great Bears gain

Tier 3
Vlad uses ONLY Drago
Old Witch's tier 3

Ther 4
Include Markov and one or more IF units
pSorscha's tier 4


Uses Behemoth, AKs, Mechaniks, IF, MoW, Wardog, IF solos, MoW solos

Tier 1
Reduce the points cost of Devastator and Spriggan by 1

Tier 2
Include 2 IFP
+1 to the start-of-game roll

Tier 3
2 MoW units
MoW get Advance Move

Tier 4
You use two or more 'jacks
eVlad's tier 4

Thats all of em!!

Except pButch of course, but thats readily available :)

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  1. Epic Vlad's tier list is probably the easiest to build and almost comes together without thinking. Why wouldn't you want IFP, cheaper Uhlans, Great Bears, Drago, and Markov?

    My 35 pt list is going to be this:

    eVlad +5
    Drago - 8
    3 Uhlans - 6
    3 Uhlans - 6
    Full IFP unit + UA - 10
    Great Bears - 5
    Markov - 4
    War Dog - 1
    Total: 40

    The best benefit is tier 1 reducing Uhlans down a pt. Taking a 3 man unit for 6 pts is the same cost per model as taking a 5 man unit for 10. Thus taking 2 more manuevarable units of 3 makes a lot of sense. Tier 4 and Tier 2 I believe combine to give Great Bears AD range of 18". Tier 3 allows you to put Hands of Fate on a target that's not within 6 inches (spell range) such as ADing Great Bears.

    Shooting armies are not going to like eVlad. Uhlans and Great Bears coming at them with high speed, further deployment, and AD. Iron Fang Pikeman would deploy at 12 inches, move up 6 inches first turn, and then could do their run, reform, and reach thing for 20 inches. That's 38 inches total which is exactly 10 inches from the board edge; this corresponds to the front of the opponent's deployment zone meaning you can easily tie up opponent's army even if they don't move at you. Crazy!