Tuesday, March 16

Achievement List: 50pt Theme List

For my fully painted 50pt Theme List, im going to put together and paint this eVlad list, which will complete one of my Achievements.

eVlad = +5

Drago - (8)

5 Iron Fang Uhlans - (10)
5 Iron Fang Uhlans - (10)
10 Iron Fang Pikemen + UA - (10)

Great Bears of Gallowswood - (5)
Kovnik Markov - (4)
Widowmakers - (4)
Kossites - (4)

Total: 50

Thanks to Hoyaforlife for his input!!

The main point of this list is to take advantage of all the tier benefits, including cheaper Uhlans (saving me 2 points) , advanced deployed Great Bears (wow), free upkeep spells - which would be Transference on eVlad, Assail on Drago, and Hand of Fate on *probably* a unit of Uhlans, since they can take advantage of it the earliest. An extra 2" of deployment will obviously help here to apply axe (or lance) to face.

A standard eVlad strategy, basically setting up the feat to do one of two things - annihilate the majority of their army, allowing you to win by attrition, or assassinate the enemy leader - which one or two Uhlans will do easily, especially under Hand of Fate and eVlad's feat!!

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