Thursday, March 18

Painting List - Part 3 - This Time Its Personal

Well a lot of Jacks in this list, but luckily most of them are already done!


Karchev The Terrible = +5 = Done!

Juggernaut (6) = Done!
Destroyer (8) = Done!
Destroyer (8) = On the Painting Table.
Kodiak (7) = Done!
Berserker (5) = Done!
Devastator (8) = Done!
Spriggan (9) = Done!
Behemoth (12) = Currently undergoing reconstruction and repainting.

Min Man Of War Demolition Corp (5) = Done!
Min Man Of War Shocktroopers (5) = On the Painting Table.
Greylord Ternion (4) = Done!
Max Mechaniks (3) = Done!


Well, as you can see, I like painting Jacks and thats why most of them are all sorted. I redid the Behemoth, (... he suffered an unfortunate accident *glowers at emma*) and he is currently still in bits awaiting paint stripping.

Shockys need to be done anyway, for pButcher lists and the like, and then ive just got to finish off the 75% completed second Destroyer, this one in Camo style!


  1. Poor poor Behemoth. He never stood a chance. :P

  2. I know. And now im refusing to field him as two legs on a rock.

    Which means i realllly have to get my butt into gear for paint stripping him.

    Now... where to find some brake fluid.....