Monday, March 15

Achievement List: 35pt Theme List

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Im going to get a fully painted, themed 35pt list.

With Strahkov releasing, I want it to be him for the 35pt list.

And here we go:

If you'd like to see the discussion, the thread is here.

Strahkov = +6

Juggernaut (7)
Kodiak (8)

Assault Kommandos (Min) 5
>WA x 3 (3)
Assault Kommandos (Min) 5
>WA x 3 (3)

Widowmakers (4)
Widowmaker Marksman (free - tier 3)
Widowmaker Marksman (2)

Kossite Woodsmen (Min) 4

Total: 35

So the main idea here is not to worry about Sentry too much - and concentrate on Overrun and Occultation, along with Strahkovs overall combat expertise, with the option of throwing Sentry on either Strahkov or a Marksman.

Massive amounts of AKs, one of the units having Stealth, and shield walling up the board, trying to get in close.

For anti-heavy capability, the rock hard Juggernaut and Kodiak are there, and on the feat turn the Heavies have some great threat range.

This is primarily a defensive army, with Stealth, massive immunities to fire and corrosion, and the rest of the army has high defence. Kossites come in from the back, partly to get my tier3 bonus, and partly to take care of stuff like Choir + Weapon Crews.

Any suggestions?

To clarify - this army also has 4 major advantages:

Both Assault Kommando units, with the 6 Flamethrowers get Pathfinder and Advance Deploy
I can place 2 Trench templates within 20" of my table edge
I get my free extra Widowmaker Marksman
Models and units start with Strahkov's Upkeep spells already on them, and dont have to pay to upkeep them for the first turn! That means a free Occultation (probably on the Assault Kommandos, as well as putting them in a Trench first turn), a free Overrun (probably on Strahkov), Sentry for free (on a Marksman) and a free Superiority! (On the Kodiak definitely!)

Oh yeah! Cant wait :D

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