Thursday, March 18

Achievement List: 75pt Theme List

For the final Theme/Tier list that I am going to put together, its going to be the big man in red - Karchev!

75pts is a lot to play around with, so with the tier restrictions its going to be a little bit tricky. Luckily, 'jacks are big and cost lots of points, so ill start there!

Karchev The Terrible = +5

Juggernaut (6)
Destroyer (8)
Destroyer (8)
Kodiak (7)
Berserker (5)
Devastator (8)
Spriggan (9)
Behemoth (12)

Min Man Of War Demolition Corp (5)
Min Man Of War Shocktroopers (5)
Greylord Ternion (4)
Max Mechaniks (3)

Total: 75

The main point of this list is to abuse the -1 pts for Jacks in Karchev's Tier list. Im doing this by packing it full of the very best Khador has to offer - every single type of Jack except the pitiful Marauder. This is only because I prefer other Jacks though, and really dislike the Marauders model. In fact, its one of the 'jacks im going to sell.

Anyway, thats beside the point. By taking 8 Warjacks, im saving 8 points worth of models! Thats basically another Kodiak. (Or, a free Kodiak, however you want to look at it) On top of this, my Men of War - which I had to take - get to move before the game begins, so at least ill have a Shield Wall distraction thats up front early. Ill also get to place one free 3" cloud effect somewhere. (I dont see this being very handy)

My basic strategy here will be to run everything and cram it down my opponents throat. The Demo Corp will be advancing directly behind the Shocktroopers, who will Shield Wall up the board. They are slow, but I dont care, they are a necessary 10 point distraction. Later on, I may try swapping them out for 6 MoW Bombardiers, to run up behind the "JACK WALL OF DOOM!" (c). This is basically going to consist of the majority of the melee Warjacks (Juggernaut, Kodiak, Spriggan, Berserker, Devastator) running every turn (going to be expensive on Focus!) .. if they can, while the two Destroyers and the Behemoth will be walk behind them, lobbing Arcing Fire Bombards over their heads - and hopefully taking out infantry and other nuisances.

Karchev will be positioned safely behind them, with Sidearms up - making the initial Jack Wall unknockdownable and somewhere between DEF11 and 12 each. The Greylords will advance behind them, and pop Blizzards to help them up to DEF13 and 14 vs ranged and melee - which isnt toooo bad. Karchev spends the rest of his focus after casting and upkeeping Sidearms doling it out to the ranged jacks for some boosting or the melee jacks for some running.

It will look kinda like this:

MJ = Melee Jack
RJ = Ranged Jack
GL = Greylords
K = Karchev





And the MoW will be doing something... on a flank i suppose :D

As soon as the melee starts - Karchev pops his feat and casts unearthly rage as each Melee Jack charges and annihilates any enemy within range. I wouldnt do this unless I could basically cripple the entire enemy advance with this charge - probably taking out all their jacks / beasts in one fell swoop.

If people try to bait this list, Ive got sacrificial Jacks in the front row - charging out at some bait with the Zerker, with the other Jacks lying in wait, the Zerker with Unearthly Rage will *most likely* kill the bait, and wont mind dying to a countercharge, for the counter-countercharge of the rest of the boys!


Ill do my follow up painting post after this, to see how im going and how far away this achievement really is....

EDIT: Obviously, Mechaniks will be trying to repair stuff. I didnt think I needed to say that, did I?

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