Wednesday, March 10

35pt Battle - Khador vs Menoth

A very good game against John a week or so ago, pFeora vs pButcher, with a Tiered army.

Was really fun, and was relatively close.


Butcher, 2 Maxed units of Shocktroopers, 2 Kovniks, a Devastator, Widowmakers and a Widowmaker Marksman with a couple of Manhunters.

Versus a mighty Menite army, 4 (!) Devouts, with a full unit of Temple Flameguard, and a mighty Castigator for a heavy. Plus the usual support behind them.

The Advance!

Widowmakers open fire, taking out some of the well protected Flameguard with sniper bullets.

The entire unit of Flameguard are destroyed by a combination of Widowmaker shots - and the impressive Devastator exploding a Rain of Death.

The Grand Melee

The Devastator takes some hits, and a Manhunter and most of the Widowmakers fall.

The Khadoran counter-attack hits hard, wrecking 3 of the 5 Menoth jacks. However, all the Khadoran Man of War's are stuck and are bogged down. Luckily, theres not much of a Menite army left at this point!

End Game

Feora charges in as basically the last bite from the Menites, and ends up wrecking the Devastator. It might be too little, too late though.

It was a little too late - and the Shocktroopers open fire with their short ranged, but incredibly powerful Shield Cannons. They make short work of Feora.


A fun game, pButchers tier list is amazing! Shocktroopers are quite reasonable at 8 points for 5, and are a solid, solid melee unit. The Devastator works well, especially with Butchers feat! Lots of dead things!


  1. Why did you both start at such a close proximity? The Menoth player had little time to do any ranged or spray damage to the Khador close combat oriented army. Seems a bit one sided to me...

  2. Sorry about the long wait for the reply - If i remember correctly (this was a while ago) I believe John deployed as close as he could. He was also trying to close in melee, which suited me just fine. This is on my original 4' by 3' board, and we played width-wise. I remember changing the deployment area when using this board, so there was always the correct distance between deployment zones.

    My goal was to run into melee while shield-walled as soon as possible, John was trying the same thing but may not have realised my troops with Butcher were more effective at it.