Thursday, March 11

Increased Field Allowances Through Tiers

As an interesting exercise, I was going through my models and decided to flick some of them off on TradeMe. Havent done it yet, but have to figure out what I want or dont want...

Extra Manhunters: pButcher, Strahkov,

Extra Koldun Lords: pVlad, Zerkova, Karchev,

Extra Assault Kommandos: Strahkov,

Extra Widowmaker Marksmen: Strahkov,

Extra Kayazy Assassins: eIrusk,

Extra WG UA: eIrusk,

Extra Doom Reavers: eButcher,

Extra Doom Reaver UA: eButcher, Zerkova,

Extra Greylord Ternions: Zerkova, Karchev,

Extra Iron Fang Uhlans: eVlad,


Extra Greylords, Uhlans, Doom Reavers, Kayazy Assassins and Assault Kommandos are a bit much - I dont need that many double ups, especially for only one theme list.

However - Widowmaker Marksmen, Manhunters and Koldun Lords are in high demand!! Due to Strahkov taking two, I only need an extra Widowmaker Marksman, but extra Manhunters and Koldun Lords looks like a great option!


  1. Ah Strakhov looks amazing. Glad I've ordered him already :D

  2. Also, make sure you run past the extra stuff by me, might want. After Armageddon I'll have some spare cash :P