Thursday, September 10

Arena Combat Night!

An impressive 6 games were had tonight, 2 of them being the Oddball mod developed by Toby and 4 of them being standard Arena matches.

We had some new players, Scott using a Cryx army and Stuart borrowing some Khador.

Matches went as follows:

My Vlad won against Toby's Old Witch;
Toby's Sorcha won against Scott's Goreshade;
My Butcher won against Stuart's Butcher;
My Butcher won twice in a row against Toby's Vlad;
and last game Stuart's Butcher won against Toby's Sorcha.

Good times had by all, and we may have even recruited a couple more people into playing Warmachine!
The Oddball in the middle! Who will get to it first?

Looks like the Old Witch wants a piece of Vlad...

Look at that suspenseful positioning...

Old Witch and Scrapjack try to kill Vlad! And fail miserably.

Final Top 10 Rankings tonight are:

1) Toshi's Butcher
2) Toshi's Vlad
3) Toshi's Irusk
4) Toshi's Karchev
5) Raymond's Lylyth
6) Stuart's Butcher
7) Toby's Butcher
8) Raymond's Thagrosh
9) Toby's Vlad
10) Toby's Sorcha

Khador holding 8 out of the 10 top slots!

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  1. Argh! I didn't do so great ><. I think that Respawning idea for Oddball should be implemented.