Thursday, September 3

WARMACHINE: Arena Combat

Some of you may have seen the pic's I put up of the Warmachine Arena games we had last night... So I will publish the rules for this mod of Warmachine as well. These arent final, and any suggestions will be appreciated!!


Army Composition:

Each army must consist of a maximum of 2 models – One Warlock/Warcaster and One Warbeast/Warjack of the same Faction. The combined points cost of the army cannot exceed 200 points.
Eg, pVlad + Spriggan = 208 points so not allowed. pVlad + Drago = 169 points, so is fine.

Army Combat Rules:

Combat rules are essentially the same as the normal MKII Warmachine Rules, however all models use their respective MK1 cards. A few points of difference is:
- No feats are allowed in WARMACHINE: Arena.
- No advanced deployment in WARMACHINE: Arena.
- Games will end after 6 turns each, with the Warcaster/Warlock who has taken the least amount of damage winning, if both Warcasters or Warlocks have the same amount of damage taken after 6 turns the result is a Draw.

- At the start of the Maintenance phase, Warlocks may leach up to half of their fury stat from themselves for free, before leaching the remaining fury from their Warbeast. E.g, Kaya + Argus with 3 fury on it, Kaya may leach 3 fury for free from herself (6 fury caster divided by 2) and then may leach 3 from the Argus so she has 6 total and the Argus 0. Alternatively, if her Warpwolf has 4 fury she may leach 2 for free from herself (as it is up to half her fury stat) and the remaining 4 from the Warpwolf.

- Power Attack Throw, Double Handed Throw, and Slam roll their Collateral Damage differently to the usual way it is done in Warmachine. In Warmachine, when a Throw, 2H Throw or Slam is successful the target takes a POW = STR of the model performing the attack which can be boosted, if the target hits an obstacle or an equal sized model it takes an additional dice of damage from the Collateral Damage. To make Collateral Damage a more lucrative option, instead of this the target takes a POW = STR of the model performing the attack, which can be boosted. If the thrown/slammed model hits something that will cause it Collateral Damage, make an additional roll equal to the STR of the throwing model, plus any modifiers based on the surface that it impacted on. This second, Collateral Damage roll, cannot be boosted but may benefit from other effects.

- Crushing is when a smaller based model is in between a model being slammed into an obstacle or a equal or larger sized based model. (ie, Vlad is in between a wall and a Juggernaut being slammed over top of him into the wall – Vlad is crushed between the Juggy and the wall.) Crushing takes a Collateral Damage roll = STR of the attacking model plus an additional dice of damage, plus any other effects from either the attacking model OR the surface which the crushed model is impacted against. Move both the crushed model and the slammed model against the wall, directly towards it.

- Power Attack Throw, Double Handed Throw, and Slam are further boosted, and all distances rolled or derived from these attacks are increased by +2”.

- New Power Attacks: These Power Attacks can be used just like normal Power Attacks, and will be listed in a later section as to their specific effects; Body Slam + Stomp.

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