Thursday, September 3

WARMACHINE: Arena Combat Part 3


Brutal Gladiator Points are awarded for extreme violence in the arena, and are a bonus both in the individual arena matches and the overall arena season. Brutal Gladiator points are given for certain achievements – and are marked by a token next to the Warlock or Warcaster that won them. On the maintenance phase after the Warlock or Warcaster has earnt the point, after reaving fury and gathering focus, they gain one bonus Fury or Focus over their normal limit.

This does not increase their control area. It may be spent just like any other Fury or Focus point. Any Brutal Gladiator points gained by Warbeasts/Warlocks go to their controller.

Brutal Gladiator Achievements:

- Brutal Damage: Causing 20 or more points of damage in a single hit, be it a melee, ranged, magical or power attack. (ie, pButcher roll POW24+5D6 for massive damage)

- Brutal Slayer: Killing a model in one attack from full health. (only Warbeasts/Warjacks and Warlocks/Warcasters are counted)

- The Impaler: Killing the opposing Warcaster/Warlock by impaling them on a Spiky Wall (the final point of damage is caused from a Spiky Wall collateral damage roll)

- Curb Stomper: Killing the opposing Warcaster/Warlock by using the Power Attack: Stomp.

- Sudden Death: Winning the game with one health remaining on your Warcaster/Warlock. (does not count if the Warlock cut themselves to reduce to 1hp)

- Long Distance Thrower: Throwing an enemy model more than 6” into another enemy model.

- First Blood! : The first team to do damage to the enemy.

- Sacrificial Lamb: Transfer enough damage to kill your Warbeast and then go on to win the match.

- Number of the Beast: Roll 3+ 6’s in any attack or damage roll.

Brutal Gladiator Points:

Each team accrues the Brutal Gladiator Points they gained in battles – when they have enough, they unlock perks for their team that are used in each game from then on. Brutal Gladiator Points don’t get used up outside of the arena, and are used to differentiate the most successful teams.

20 Gladiator Points: Warjack/Warbeast Bond – The Warcaster or Warlock has developed an intimate bond to their Warjack or Warbeast, in the case of a Warjack it may now be assigned up to 4 focus from the normal 3 focus, and in the case of a Warbeast both its Fury stat and its Threshold stat increase by 1.

40 Gladiator Points: Martial Coordination – The Warcaster or Warlock has enhanced their unique bond to their Beast/Jack, and it has picked up some of its controllers Martial Instincts. All Beasts/Jacks taken with this Warcaster/Warlock increase their MAT and RAT by 1 – with a maximum of their controllers MAT and RAT. (ie, Vlad has MAT7, so a Warjack could not be MAT8 with Martial Coordination)

60 Gladiator Points: Empathic Responses – The Warcaster and Warlock have become very protective of each other, and this has enhanced their defensive strategies. Warlocks can now transfer damage to their Warbeast, even if they are maxed out on Fury or have their Spirit Aspect lost. Warcasters in base-to-base contact with their Warjack may spend one focus point to transfer a successful damage roll to their Warjack instead of taking it themselves.

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