Saturday, September 12

Arena Combat On Friday - Some New Mods To The Battle As Well!

By the way - im too lazy to put the photos up the right way. Apologies!!

Brief Overview with Pics:

The first game I used the Old Witch + Scrapjack + Berzerker, facing off against the Butcher and a Destroyer. This game I realised just how hard it is for the Old Witch to assassinate a 'Caster. I managed to win this one by default, using a last turn charge from the Scrapjack to throw a couple of points of damage on the Butcher, and the Old Witch escaped damage the next round for a win.

Old Witch versus the Butcher!

This was an interesting game - 2v2, each player controlling one Warcaster or Warlock. Rules were - Warlocks Fury stat became a Focus stat, giving them full regeneration of it each round, and any unspent Fury gives +1 ARM. This particular game my Butcher teamed up with Stuarts Butcher, fighting Toby's Kaelyssa and Raymonds Thagrosh. My Butcher advanced - and Kaelyssa blew him up with her Runespear Cannon (btw, this is an amazingly good weapon). Then, I realised Butcher was within 10" of Kaelyssa. Which resulted in one dead Kaelyssa. However, Thagrosh's Countercharge ripped my Butcher in half, and then the second Butcher advanced and chopped Thagrosh in half. A great game, and an interesting battle mode.

1 of 2 - Two Warcaster/Warlock battle, with no Beasts or Jacks! The Butchers are looking particularly insane this morning.

2 of 2 - Two Warcaster/Warlock battle, with no Beasts or Jacks! Thaggy just killed my Butcher, but unfortunately for him the next Butcher is right around the corner.

This game was another very interesting one, 2v2 again, but with Warjacks and Warbeasts as well. It was Irusk + Marauder and Lylyth + Angelius vs Butcher + Destroyer and Sorcha + Juggernaut. It was a great match, with Lylyth, Irusk and the Marauder killing the Juggernaut and the Angelius scaring Butcher off so much that he didnt advance. Irusk made a mistake (my bad) and advanced too far forward to shoot the Juggernaut, and Sorcha charged him! Due to some spectactulary bad to-hit rolls, Irusk survived with 3 hp remaining. Irusk then killed Sorcha, and her Juggernaut went inert. Just then, the Angelius moved into contact with Butcher and ripped him to shreds with its Pelvic Thrust (tm) attack.

1 of 3 - Two Player Arena Grudgematch! The initial set-up looking scary.

1 of 3 - Two Player Arena Grudgematch! Irusk and Lylyth advance into cover, while the Angelius is sitting in threat range.

1 of 3 - Two Player Arena Grudgematch! Irusk only just survives, and the Butcher fatally advances into range of the Angelius!

Top 10 Rankings this week:

1) Toshi's Butcher
2) Toshi's Vlad
3) Toshi's Irusk
4) Raymond's Lylyth (up)
5) Toshi's Karchev (down)
6) Toshi's Old Witch (up)
7) Toby's Vlad (up)
8) Raymond's Thagrosh
9) Toby's Butcher (down)
10) Stuart's Skarre (up)

7 Khador, 2 Everblight and 1 Cryx casters in the top 10!

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