Sunday, September 27

Night of Arena SMACKDOWN!

We had an intense night of Arena-ing last night, with many kills had by all. Ill post a new ranking of the table soon, but basically we had me, Toby and Stuart taking each other down. Had a few new appearances, I tried eGaspy but he is not good for this format, not good at all... and I only just scraped in with the win. Tobys Stryker arrived - and was killed by eGaspy. Adeptis Rahn made an appearance, almost killing the Butcher, but again, the Butcher pwns all. My Karchev came in vs Stuarts Butcher and annihilated him, then Toby tried Karchev against his Butcher and got SLAUGHTERED.

We ended it with a 3 player Oddball match - which I won with 10 Oddpoints, Stuart with 3 Oddpoints and Toby coming in last with none.

The Oddball is forgotten as Drago rips Butcher in two!

eGaspy versus Stryker. A close game, but eGaspy pulled out the 6's!

eGaspy practically sitting on Stryker to kill him.

Worst roll of the day - Butcher, Killing Blow, +4 damage to his 4D6 needs a 7 to kill Karchev. Stuart laughs - and promptly rolls a 6 on 4 Dice.

The Butcher + Squishy caster in melee range. Look at those dice roll! (Adeptis Rahn being proxyed by Kaelyssa)

You can almost smell the fear and sweat of Adeptis Rahn...

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  1. That arena is sweeet! I have a friend who beat you, tho. Red and I actually witnessed someone rolling 7 on 6d6!