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Khador Unit Analysis for MK2 Final:

All my personal opinions here biggrin.gif

General rule: A+ or higher is overpowered, B- or lower could be improved and i would be happy. Happy medium is B+ to A for all models.

Ironfang Pikemen + UA: These guys are practically unchanged, with one important difference - the lose of +2" of threat range with the change to their charge order, which now makes them Pathfinder instead. This takes them down to 11" of pathfinder threat instead of 13" semi-pathfinder threat, but i suppose they were seen as pretty godly compared to all other infantry. Still a fantastic unit. Gone from A+ to A.

Great Bears of Gallowswood: In MK1 these guys were brutal to the point of utter ridiculousness. In one game, they single-handedly killed 2 Carniveans. Unsupported. With 13" threat range. And were difficult to kill in retaliation, more so than said Carniveans. Their defensive abilities have been toned down, they have less health and less armour, and their attacking range is lessened, but they still have 6 weapon master MAT8 attacks. Gone from A++ to A.

Iron Fang Uhlans: By themselves, they are an expensive unit of guys that can be killed relatively easily. They do have a large threat range, with a massive hit on the end of it, but are not very effective after they charge. They did get combat rider back though, which is cool. Looks like Markov helps them out significantly, and is almost required to get the most out of the Uhlans. They do have relentless charge though, (cant remember if they had furious charge in MK1 or not?) so cant get bogged down by stuff like Inhospitable Ground. Gone from an A unit to a B+ unit... though im not sure on this yet, depends how good Markov synergises with them.

Shocktroopers: These are some of the most characterful units in Khador, but they do lack the killing power their comrades in the Demo Corps have. Shield Wall + 8 life each is pretty hardy however. They missed out on assault, but got cheaper in the transition between MK1 and MK2. The unit of 5 is the same cost as a Devastator though... so im wondering if i want to go for heavy armour who i would pull out first. Gone from B- to B.

Winterguard Infantry + UA + WA: Wow - Winterguard are significantly better than they were in MK1. Although they are largely an expensive undertaking once you spend all the necessary points, they form a solid unit of heavy hitters (with the right support) and decent defence (with the right support). eSorcha looks like a lot of fun with 1 or more units of Winterguard. The rocketeers lost Brutal Shot, which is pretty disapointing, but its still an AOE3 weapon with POW12. So good for deviating over high DEF stuff. Not as fantastic as in the field test, but still good. Grape Shot is cool with the UA, since sprays now ignore stealth. An awesome toolbox unit, with Kovnik Joe supporting them and an Iron Flesh/Fury/Battle Lust here and there could perform wonders. Gone from a B- unit to an A unit.

Field Gun: RAT7, RNG16, POW14 - this is not a bad gun, except for the light artillery part. The critical knockdown is unlikely to happen, but would be good against heavies. Has a utility feel to it, that the mortar does not. Cheap as well, but doesnt help much with synergy in other parts of the army. A khador ranged army could use a couple of these to compliment 2 Mortars for long distance death. Better than in MK1 anyway. Gone from a C unit to a B unit.

Mortar: The be-all and end-all of light artillery, its now gone up in cost (relatively) more than double from MK1. This is because it is so damn good. The amount of support that can be given to the mortar is what makes it so good, its POW8 blast rolls are deadly when combined with Butchers feat, Vlad's S+P and its low accuracy is helped with Sorchas feat and the amount of freezing stuff that khador can do. Gone from a A++ unit to an A unit.

Assault Kommandos: The jurys out!! Ive always wanted these guys, and never got them as they seemed too lackluster. They are still expensive for what they do, but with the fixed assault and battery order they may be more effective. You could have half of them fire gas grenades then charge into melee and the other half fire their carbines then charge into melee. They did seem to lose thier double tap ability, which i always thought was cool. The new warcaster for Khador implies it might be good for these guys as well.... Gone from a C unit to a B unit.

Battle Mechaniks: looks like everyone going on about how good these guys were has led to them getting nerfed. *angry face* i really loved the 1PC mechaniks, but they may have been a little much. Mechaniks got buffed so much in the FT that every army should have taken them, even if you werent running any jacks!!! ok maybe not. but they are still really cheap, even at 2 PC. The points are adjusted correctly now too, as 4 models for 2 points and 6 for 3 points is much more logical than 4 models for 1 point and 6 for 2 points. They actually might survive something as well while they are in B2B with a warjack! Gone from a C- unit to a A++ unit to now an A unit.

Doom Reavers: These guys dropped in cost quite a lot relatively, they used to cost almost an entire unit of tricked out WG, now they are as cheap as a Berzerker Warjack. These guys are total glass cannons, doing huge amounts of damage but being really easy to kill - except with spells. Id like to try them out with Vlad, and Butcher, but ill need to pick up some of the models first. They are looking more appealing to me now, but not an autoinclude. Because they got cheaper, i think they were improved. Gone from a B- unit to a B unit.

Greylords: Still a bit on the expensive side, they are fantastic support units. Ice Cage is one of the best debuffs out - but since you can shake it off jacks and (assumedly) beasts now as well its probably not worth trying to Ice Cage things to take them out of the game. Sprays are great, and they will be effective after a charge because of the Koldun lord getting battle Wizard back. Their best use will be to blizzard friendly models though. Gone from an A unit to a B unit.

Kossite Woodsmen: Hmm privateer seem to not want me to buy this unit. Its been sitting at my LGS... and ive been tempted multiple times, but i just cant do it. They lost the +2 on ambush attacks, but gained Reform and camoflage (which seems a bit pointless to reform, what? to engage some more long gunners? who will then kill you with your DEF12 ARM10?) they do have MAT5... and RAT4, so will be hitting Khador jacks on average rolls. And maybe the Cygnar heavies. I suppose with the back strike bonus you could have a good shot at stuff like Choirs + Vassals + Greylords, but chances are the 4 PC unit of woodsmen will have cost more than what you tried to kill :S Still pretty much a C unit.

Widowmakers: They havent changed much, they are a simple unit with a simple job and although that job itself has become less effective (because you can auto-promote unit leaders back again) they are still a useful skirmishing unit. Gone from an A unit to a B+ unit.

Demo Corp: Pretty much the same, except that their relative price has increased. While being harder to kill than most heavy offensive infantry, they still die like flies to boosted POW12s. Which seem quite common. Ive very rarely had a Demo Corp survive an attack, as anything worth hitting them with kills them. Still, they are an effective hammer and will smash apart most heavies on the charge, and are very good at taking out troops as well with MAT7. Gone from an A unit to a B+ unit.

Current Rankings:

A: Mechaniks, Mortar, Winterguard, IFP, Great Bears,
B+: Widowmakers, IFU, Demo Corps,
B: Greylords, Doom Reavers, Assault Kommandos, Field Gun, Shocktroopers
C: Kossite Woodsmen

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