Wednesday, September 2

Cryx vs Legion!!

No pics unfortunately - this was a (relatively) quick game on Wednesday night, a bit of testing out my new "Lord of the Undead" powers.

I was playing against Raymonds Legion, his entire army (which was basically a 750 point battle with 2 casters/locks instead of 1) with the usual suspects - 6 Shredders, 2 Harriers, the Carny and a host of other support units, with Lylyth and Thaggy leading the charge.

I used Denny and Gaspy, along with 2 Deathrippers and a Nightwretch, a Harrower and the Cankerworm, with Tartarus + Bane Knights, the Bile Thralls and a few support guys.

We got to around turn 3, and had to call it. During the course of the game id gotten two of my arcnodes killed along with Bane Lord Tartarus (turns out people were right when they said to keep him behind stuff) and a few Biles. Which I had purged all over the place anyway, so they were only kind of casualties.

I killed off practically all the Shredders, a unit of Striders, and a Harrier along with Gudrun. We were just getting to the meat of it as well - but alas, I was not able to put any hurt on the enemy Warlocks and that was about all we did.

Harrowers are COOL. I was loving using mine, the gun and the wicked looking scythe were extremely useful. 10" threat range is great, considering im used to 7.5" threat ranges for Jacks!

Bile Thralls are awesome though, the auto-hit and Corrosion are SO worth popping them like pimples all over the place. Did take me a while to get them all in the right position so I didnt wipe out my own unit at the same time...

Conclusion - Cryx are fantastic, and I might even be able to finish my next game since I wont have to look at all the cards 10x each turn!

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