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Khador Solo Analysis for MK2 Final:

All my personal opinions here biggrin.gif

General rule: A+ or higher is overpowered, B- or lower could be improved and i would be happy. Happy medium is B+ to A for all models.

Wardog: Hehe, it got Hunter. Which is a great rule. As well as it is now tough. Apart from that, its a good Warcaster Attachment - it only pales in comparison to stuff like the Squire and the Skarlock. It almost got nerfed into nothingness, but its now slightly cheaper so i think its gotten slightly better - but no autoinclude. Still a B+ solo.

Koldun Lord: Hes cheap for what he does. And what he does is buff stuff. Id take him much more often that the Greylords themselves. He did get Battle Wizard back, which does make Greylords more appealing if you wanted to take them. Power Booster is a big plus, so he can help Warjacks that arent his own. In fact, i probably wouldnt bother giving him a jack, just use him to support his warcasters jacks. Add in the odd Frostbite and Ice Cage, and he could be a big help to your army. and 2 points is a steal. Gone from a B to a B+.

Manhunters: One of my favourite solos, Manhunters are mobile and very strong. Work well with eVlad's feat, and have a vicious charge. They are pretty much unchanged from MK1 (though a little more expensive relatively) Still a solid A solo.

Drakhun: Much shock was had when he first came out, as expensive as the Zerker - and not even as good! Hes gotten a little cheaper and retained Combat rider now, but suffers from no Flying Steel. The blade is POW14 now, with weapon master, but thats 5 PC for one powerful long range attack. Im not convinced yet, but this may be the answer to the <7 PC heavy hitter option. Since Zerkers are meh. Gone from an A+ to a A-.

Kovnik: Totally stole the Koldun Lords thunder with the Drive: Boosted attack rolls. This makes him quite good with such jacks as the Zerker (probably the only time i could justify using one, even though, why wouldnt i just marshal a Juggy for 1 point more?) or Kodiak. Apart from that, he can slam and has a MAT8 P+S15 weapon master axe. This is pretty good, even if it is only one attack. The lack of Assault or Backswing doesnt quite make him A+ material, so i think hes probably a good balanced, heavy model suited to a MoW style army. Boosting his speed is pretty important though, since his melee threat is a pitiful 7.5" Better than he used to be anyway. Gone from a B model to an A- model.

Fenris: Hes as expensive as the Drakhun, and trades survivability for damage potential and speed. He doesnt seem overly different from MK1 - and ill have to use him more, to get a better feel for him. Im going to give an uneducated guess as about as good as the Drakhun. Giving him an A-.

Kovnik Joe: Well, he was totally ridiculous in the FT. double shots to an entire squad of winterguard?? this .. is .. madness! well, hes changed a bit, lost the double shot speech and gained a auto boost to attacks speech. which could actually be better in some cases. Im not really seeing any other differences, the bears strength speech dropped a little (i believe) but i dont see why i would use that over the auto-boost or tough speeches anyway. (i guess against enemy heavies/terminus camping armour?) Was always an auto-include for me with WG, so still an A solo (only with Winterguard)

Markov: Cheaper than the other two Cav solos, Fenris and Drakhun, and i think he is comparable to them. Certainly hes the Kovnik Joe of the Uhlans, if your taking them now you should really have Markov as well due to the Elite Cadre and Inspiration. Since very few things are fearless now, this makes them much better. Does increase the cost of Uhlans QUITE a lot, which are expensive enough as it is. A powerful attack with the Warhead explosion, but risky since it will knock down your models as well. I think hes a good solo, and definitely one to take with Uhlans. A with Uhlans, B+ without.

Yuri the Axe: A great trooper in any normal MK1 game, the main reason he was taken was to bring in the extra manhunter. Treewalker is helpful, but relatively situational. Yuri may or may not make Kossites ok as well. Might have to proxy and see... Thresher replaces Flying steel, which i dont mind too much. Thresher at MAT8 is pretty damn handy, but it does change his role quite significantly - he used to be anti-solo/warjack and now he is more anti troops. Still good, like a more expensive manhunter with about the same damage output. A- (compared to cost of a manhunter)

Current Rankings:

A: Markov (w/ Uhlans), Kovnik Joe (w/WG), Manhunter,
A-: Yuri the Axe, Fenris, MoW Kovnik, Drakhun,
B+: Koldun Lord, Wardog

As you can see, i think the Khador solos are strong, and have a good place in most lists. None of them have been horribly nerfed, and all are effective with support/good oppurtunities and stuff.


Because i forgot about the Kayazy Assasins in the Unit post, ill just put them in here as a footnote:

Kayazy Assassins + UA: The only stealth unit that Khador has, they do fill a niche role. They are expensive though, and have a low survivability rate compared to similar priced units like the IFP. They lost Ventilate, probably the best anti-troop ability ever, and one that killed many a Thagrosh and Butcher. With Kill Stroke you couldnt really do much about it either. They now have Gang instead, and while not as good does make them MAT9 when doubling up. Which is impressive. Ill probably use them for a little while, to see what i can do with them. I still think they were nerfed, but time will tell... Gone from an A+ to a B+.

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